Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lesson Schedule for 1st Quarter -- Life of Christ

This is the lesson schedule that our classes are following this quarter. It is laid to meet our needs (Wednesday evening singing is scheduled in) which should make it lots easier for the teachers to know what they should be teaching. In the past we have used a curriculum that gave a lesson per week that was to be divided amongst the two class sessions (Sunday/Wednesday). If there were 2 different teachers in these classes they worked together to decide who would teach what. The passages to the right of each lesson is roughly what the Bible reading that is published in the bulletin each week.

Jesus' Birth Announced -- Luke 1:26-56

Last week, we got off to a good start. The kids are enthusiastic about their new classroom and the new way of doing class. Today we will talk about Jesus' birth being announced. This is a beautiful story. Imagine being Mary and having Gabriel come talk to you. Zacharias was at least a priest and was actually working in the temple when Gabriel appeared to him but Mary was just a young girl. I plan to start class with a review of last week's lesson. Then, I'll narrate the story. After they get the idea of what the Bible says, I will read it from the Bible. I think they'll understand the reading of the Bible better if they already know what they are going to hear. I also want to keep a list on the white board of all the people that we meet during out study. I'll add Zacharias, Gabriel and Mary today.

Lesson Plan:

Review: John's birth being announced. Write Zacharias and Gabriel on the white board.

Lesson: Tell the story of Jesus' birth announced and then read it from Luke 1. Stress the fact that what we are reading is fulfillment of prophecy. God's plan is being worked out according to his schedule. His power is undeniable. Write Mary on the white board.

Project Folder: Pass out project folders. If any of the students read their Bible reading last week, (Matthew 1-3) let them put a sticker on the back of their folder.

New Testament Books: We introduced Matthew (written by Matthew to the Jews about Jesus fulfilling prophecy). Today we will introduce Mark. The cards I use for these were made by my husband. I will put a new card each Sunday on the white board. Discuss with the kids what they are expected to do at the New Testament books station. There is an envelope for each book. On the outside of the envelope is a key verse from that book. Inside the envelope is a smaller version of the picture I am putting on the white board. In their project folders is a place for them to glue the picture and copy the key verse. They will be doing this for each book of the New Testament over the next 2 quarters.

Stations: If there is time, let the kids work independently in their stations. The kids that get there early will be allowed to work in the stations before class. In years past, this has been when most of the work got done.