Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Bible Class Songs

I've been trying to get caught up on putting some new Bible class songs on my website. Tonight, I added 5.

Thank You -- This is a song I wrote for last year's VBS. We wanted a song to go with each Bible character we were studying. This one goes with Timothy. It teaches us to be thankful to those that taught us about God.

Joseph, What Will You Choose? -- Again, for last year's VBS, this one goes with Joseph, obviously. We were talking about different young people in the Bible that were faithful to God in their youth and were used by God for great things. This song is about Joseph choosing to flee from Potiphar's wife.

Remember Your Creator -- One last song for our VBS last year. This was sort of the theme song. Our VBS was titled Remember Your Creator. As mentioned earlier we were studying different young people in the Bible. The ones we studied were Joseph, David, Josiah, Timothy and Jesus. There is a verse for each one of these young men in this song.

Rehoboam/Jeroboam -- This song was written when we studied the divided kingdom. It took me until I was an adult to really understand who Rehoboam and Jeroboam were. I used to think they were brothers (sons of Solomon) that were each given part of the kingdom, just to be fair. I hope this song will help students understand who they were and what they did long before they become adults.

God Gave Me... -- This is my newest song. I wrote it for our upcoming VBS. We will be studying The Beginnings -- Beginning of the World, Beginning of Man, Beginning of the Home, Beginning of Sin and Beginning of God's plan of salvation. This one goes along with Tuesday's theme -- Beginning of man. It is about God making us and what we can do with the body He gave us.

When you click on the link, you will be able to read the words, hear me (and sometimes one of the boys with me) sing the song. Scroll down the page to the link for the sheet music if you want to see the music. I hope some of you will find these songs helpful in teaching the youngsters in your life about God. Maybe, someday, they'll even thank you for it. :)