Saturday, January 16, 2010

John's Birth -- Luke 1:57-80

Wednesday night was not a very good night for me personally. I wasn't feeling well and it was all I could do to get to class and present the lesson in an acceptable manner. So, I didn't get a lesson plan before hand. This lesson plan is what we did not what we were going to do.

This lesson takes us back to the first lesson in our series when Gabriel announced to Zacharias that he would have a son. The students really enjoyed the review of this lesson and listened with interest as we read the "rest of the story".

Lesson Plan:

Stations: On Wednesday evenings, the class periods are a little longer than Sunday AM. This allows a little more time to spend at the stations. As students arrive encourage them to pick up the project folder and choose a station to begin working at.

Memory Work: Before the lesson begins, spend a little time reviewing and introducing some of the memory work. We have already learned 2 books of the NT so these will be reviewed. They will begin reading the Sermon On The Mount in their personal Bible reading this week. Discuss the memory work we're working on that comes from this sermon (Beatitudes, Lord's Prayer, Salt/Light, Wise/Foolish Man).

Bible Reading: Remind students to put a sticker on the back of their project folder if they completed the Bible reading.

Review: Review previous lessons concentrating on John's birth announcement.

Lesson: Reading from Luke 1 (continuing where we left off last class) let the Bible tell the story of John's birth commenting when necessary to keep kids engaged.

Lesson Review Activity: For many of the lessons there will be a new activity added to the Lesson Review station. Tonight there is an activity that reviews children of the Bible.

Stations: If there is any time left, let students work in stations.

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