Saturday, August 22, 2009


For some reason, I have trouble keeping regular lesson plans going during the Summer. It seems especially difficult during August. Maybe it's because my mind is on other things. For the past two years, we've been taking one of my sons to Florida College. It seems that I can't concentrate on too many things at once anymore. While we're dealing with getting him off, my Bible class lessons suffer. That is my excuse for not getting lesson plans done last week.

Last week we studied about Ahab, Naboth and Jezebel. They, like so many other people in the Bible, are fascinating. My routine for this class has been to read the scripture with them and make comments as necessary. I try to read it with as much voice inflection as possible to hold their attention and help their understanding. Reading about how Ahab whined like a 2 year old when he didn't get his way really got the kids attention. Of course, Jezebel's death was fascinating to them but they also we intrigued with the way the 70 sons of Ahab were killed.

Tomorrow, we will study about Rehoboam. This is such a good lesson on how we should listen to the right people when seeking advice. We should have some lively discussion in the morning.

Lesson Plan:

Psalm 1: Read it from the back of their notebook. Say in unison what we've memorized so far. We are almost finished copying and memorizing this Psalm.

Sing: I Shall Not Be Moved. If you aren't familiar with this hymn it is the one that says: As a tree planted by the water, I shall not be moved. I'm teaching the kids to do the 4/4 hand movemet with this song. I've got a couple of kids that some natural talent. Hopefully they will become leaders in our public worship in years to come.

Bible Story: Read/paraphrase the story of Rehoboam as told in 2 Chroniclas 10-12

Sing: Rehoboam/Jeroboam

Map work: The map work is going well. If we have time, we'll take turns taking all the labels off and putting them all back on.

Worship Notes: Pass out worship notes.