Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VBS -- Remember Your Creator -- Tuesday

We survived day one. It went pretty well. I had 7 students and one assistant. We discussed Joseph and began our memory verse. The activities room room involved some very basic watercolor. Today, she plans on letting the children draw flowers around the watercolor splotches they made yesterday. Like I said yesterday, I really like having her do this because I would not be very good at it.

When I was originally assigned the group I'm working with, it was going to be 6 and 7 year olds. I got busy planning my lessons for that age. As we saw which kids were going to be coming my class was changed to 5 and 6 year olds. That doesn't seem like a big deal but it is. I was gearing the activities towards kids that for the most part could read and write some. Now, I have a group that is only beginning to read. There's one little boy that doesn't even know how to hold a pencil. I have an activity that requires them to copy their memory verse. I have 3 out of 7 that even attempt it. One thing about teaching a Bible class, especially a VBS, is that you have to be flexible.

Lesson Plan:

Attendance Chart: Each child will add Samuel to the chart

Creation Bulletin board: They enjoyed this yesterday. The bulletin board is getting full of pictures.

Creation Stickers: Today, they will be sticking fish on dark blue paper.

Activities Room: We go to the activities room about 10:30. This is where it fit in yesterday.

Memory Work: Pass out Memory booklets. "Read" the passage with them. Allow them to copy the passage. Let them color the shapes with a dot in it. The colored part will read GOD.

Song: Introduce the theme song for the week: Remember Your Creator. This is a song I wrote. There are 2 verses that will be sung everyday and then each day a verse dedicated to the Bible character we're studying about will be included. Sing Samuel today. Click here to listen to a recording of Remember Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth --Samuel.
Introduction to Samuel: Pass our Samuel books. We will be learning about how to listen and obey today. The first activity in the book has 4 pictures of various animals. I will use a See 'n Say and play the animal sounds. They are supposed to listen carefully and stick (lick and stick) the picture in the Samuel book. They don't all have the same pictures so they are going to have to listen carefully and not just look at what their neighbor is doing.

Tell Story of Samuel: There is a flip chart for this one. I may get to use the blacklight story too.

Sing: Samuel

Choices Activity: In the back of their book they are to draw a picture of something I describe. It will be a flower. They will have to listen carefully to do this one.

Review Memory Work: Go over the memory verse either with their booklets or just by memory.

Samuel Pillowcase: We are working on a week long activity. Yesterday they drew a picture of themselves. Today they will copy (those that can) what Samuel said to God "Speak Lord, I'm listening".

Blacklight story: If there is time use the blacklight flip chart about things God made.