Sunday, June 21, 2009

VBS -- Remember Your Creator -- Monday

Our VBS starts in the morning.

Theme: Remember Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth

Monday: Joseph -- Making Good Choices -- Became a ruler in Egypt
Tuesday: Samuel -- Listening and Obeying -- Became a Judge/Priest
Wednesday: David -- Having Faith and Courage -- Became a King
Thursday: Josiah -- Respecting God's Word -- Was a King That Restored Worship As God Intended It
Friday: Timothy -- Teaching Others What You Have Learned -- Taught Others About Christ

Our week will be spent studying Bible characters that were faithful to God as children or young men. These same Bible characters were used by God to do great things later on. My class is 5 and 6 year olds. At this time, I plan on having about 7 in attendance. That, of course, is subject to change.

The wall decorations are pretty simple this year. I'll have some pictures to post later. One of the things I want to teach this age is who their Creator is. So, one of the walls is about God's creation. Right now, it is 2 bulletin boards (bulletin board paper with border put around it to simulate real bulletin boards) with nothing on them but a black sky and water on one and a blue sky and green grass on another. Each day, each child will get to choose one item (animal, fish, bird, star, etc) to place on the bulletin board. By the end of the week, the bulletin boards will be full of things that God made.

The kids are going to be memorizing Ecclesiastes 12:1 -- "Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, Before the difficult days come, And the years draw near when you say, “ I have no pleasure in them." The passage has been divided into 4 parts. Each day the children will copy (I know this might be a stretch for 5 and 6 year olds-- we'll see how it goes) the section for that day and do an activity with it. Each day, they will get to stick stickers of things God made in their booklet also. Hopefully, they will have the verse memorized by Friday.

Each child will get a booklet for each character we are studying. The booklets have the story plus several activities and a song that goes with it. We'll do as many of the activities in class that we have time for or that their attention will allow. Other activities can be completed at home. By the end of the week, they'll 5 booklets that tell the stories we learned and a booklet with their memory work. All of these will go into a backpack that has the theme of the VBS ironed on the front. We'll also be working on decorating a pillowcase to remind them of the story of Samuel. This is a 4 part project so, it's the only artsy sort of thing we're doing in class.

As usual, there will be an activity room that the kids will get to go to each day. The teacher in this room is the local high school art teacher and a member here at Huntington. She will be doing art projects that will help reinforce the lessons we're studying in class. I love this because art things are not my favorite thing to do. We don't have to mess up our classroom with that kind of stuff and we all get to leave the classroom for a little while. This breaks the class time up nicely.

Lesson Plan:

Attendance Chart: Each day they will put a picture of the Bible character we are studying on their attendance chart.

Creation Bulletin board: After discussing the theme of the week, we'll talk about who their Creator is and what He has done for us. Let each choose a picture to add to the bulletin board.

Creation Stickers: Pass out black paper and planet stickers to each child. Let them put their stickers on their paper. Set aside for a little bit.

Memory Work: Pass out Memory booklets. "Read" the passage with them. Allow them to copy the passage. Trace the letters at the bottom of the page (It spells GOD). Show them how to glue their black paper with planets on the next page.

Song: Introduce the theme song for the week: Remember Your Creator. This is a song I wrote. There are 2 verses that will be sung everyday and then each day a verse dedicated to the Bible character we're studying about will be included. Click here to listen to a recording of Remember Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth -- Joseph.

Introduction to Joseph: Pass our Joseph books. Pass out pictures of good/bad choices and let them glue (I painted these with watered down glue so hopefully they'll be "lick and stick") pictures in the columns labeled Good and Bad. These pictures are of things that they should recognize as being obviously good and bad activities. Discuss with them about making good choices in their lives.

Tell Story of Joseph: Even though we'll be going over the entire story of Joseph, we're going to be concentrating on the choice Joseph made to run from Potiphar's wife. I'm going to use some pictures I have to help tell the story the first time through. I will retell the story again before class is over letting them "read" along with me in their Joseph Booklets.

Sing: Joseph What Will You Choose. This a song I wrote for this class. It briefly tells the story of Joseph choosing to run away from Potiphar's Wife. ng.

Choices Activity: The back of their Joseph booklet has a place for them to draw a picture. I will present a scenario of a time they might have to make a choice (I have yet to decide what scenario to use). We'll discuss it and then they will get to draw a picture of the choice they made. This will be something about telling the truth, or cleaning up after themselves, or obeying their parents.

Review Memory Work: Go over the memory verse either with their booklets or just by memory.

Activities Room: I'm not sure where this is going to fit in. We'll be flexible tomorrow and just go when we're told.

Sing: Joseph This a song I wrote a few years ago. It doesn't necessarily go along with Joseph making the right choice, but it is a fun one to sing.


It's been a while since I last blogged about my Bible class. The class has gone on, there's just been a lot going on around here. The main thing that has gotten me bogged down is our upcoming VBS. It starts Monday. I'll tell more about that later.

Since my last entry we finished our study of Proverbs and got started with Ecclesiastes. Our last lesson Proverbs was the last chapter on the Worthy Woman. I had a class of 8 7 and 8 year old boys that night. They sat across the table from me with their sweet little faces while I proceeded to tell them what kind of woman they should choose for a wife. When we got to the part about the woman stays up late and gets up early, my son said, "You don't do that Mom". I can't deny it. I do half of it quite well -- stay up late. It's that getting up early thing I have trouble with.

The end of the chapter says, “ Many daughters have done well, But you excel them all.” I told the boys that they needed to be sure and tell their wife that when they get married. One of the little boys said, "I think that through the years I'll probably forget that."

Then we started Ecclesiastes. We studied the opening and chapter 3. The next lesson was on the first part of chapter 12. The first verse is our theme for our VBS so I spent time explaining that in light of the VBS. Then we went on to the description of the elderly. I didn't tell them who it was talking about. I told them they had to figure it out. Well, eventually I had to help them along. Our modern technology has made it so that our elderly don't have near the handicaps they had years ago. The boys didn't know the elderly lost their teeth or that their eyesight was dim. They really enjoyed talking about it.

On thing I did that really helped was to type out the scripture and pass it out to everyone. I read out of the New King James and it varies as to has their Bible and who has the New King James version. For older kids, reading out of different translations is not a big problem, but this age needs the same one available to them. Those that could read well enough to follow along really appreciated having the copy to look at. There was plenty of room down one side of the page for a drawing so after our lesson I told them to draw a picture of who Ecclesiastes 12 described. The discussion going on during their drawing was entertaining. I'm glad their grandparents weren't there. :)

Today's lesson is on the last few verses of Chapter 12. We'll follow the same basic format as the previous lesson. They'll have the scripture typed out for them so they can follow along. We'll discuss and do lots of review. They are almost completely through memorizing Psalm 127. Since VBS starts Monday I'm not going to get another memory work going just yet. We'll wait until next week.

Lesson Plan:

Bible Facts: Add the next 2 facts.

Psalm 127: Two of the kids have successfully said this alone. There are 2 more that need a little work.

Review: Discuss the previous 2 lessons on Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes 12:9-14: Read and discuss

Books of Poetry: If there is time, let them do this activity.

Sing: Glenda Schales' Uz Was. and Go To The Ant
We'll also sing Make A Joyful Shout.

If there is time, review Psalm 23 and Psalm 100.