Sunday, February 01, 2009

David is Anointed and Plays his harp for Saul -- 1 Samuel 16

I wasn't very well prepared for class this morning. I had a super busy weekend and just gave out last night while I was working on it. I knew the lesson well so it wasn't a problem of getting the story across. I just didn't have any activity finished. I really wanted to finish the Samuel Pocket Books and let them take them home. I needed to add a few names to put on our Wall of Faith. So, I went to bed with nothing done.

When I woke up this morning, very well rested by the way, I got busy and got it all done. I was working in the resource room until just before time for class to start. I get to my classroom and my helper is not there. She was home sick. I was hoping she would be able to put the finishing touches on the pocket book. So, I had to get started with class and worry about finishing them later.

Below, I'll tell how class went instead of what my plans were. It ended up being a productive class although it didn't go like mine typically do.

Lesson Plan:

Review: I jumped right into the lesson with no review. I don't know why. I guess the lesson at hand was on my mind so I just had to get started with it.

The lesson: I started off asking the kids if they had read their scripture reading this week. All four of them said they had not. Now, I know for a fact that one of them had. I read it to my son on Friday. I think he doesn't realize that's what we're reading that day. I'm not sure if 2 of them ever get it read to them. The 4th usually gets the reading done but just didn't this week. So, I read to them in class. We had some discussion about why I was reading words that weren't there. I was reading out of the NKJV and I think he was reading out of the KJV. I told them that if they were getting frustrated by the differences they could just listen.

One thing I did accomplish last night was to get some visual aids. prepared. I did a search on google for images of David being anointed. The site that popped up was one that I should have gone to to begin with. Jeff Hamilton at LaVista has taken pictures from Bible story books that have gone out of copyright and has scanned them in and put them on their website. It is a great resource. I found 3 I shared with the kids this morning.

I had to explain to the kids that David looks different in each of the pictures because they were all painted by different people. Each of these people had a different idea of what he might have looked like.

Then it was time for our pocket books. I had finished the ones for the students that showed up to class so we were great there. I still need to finish a couple of the others. This pocket book activity had 2 pockets -- one for David and one for Samuel. There were cards that had a comment or a saying from one or the other. The students were to decide which ones went where.

One of my students has been telling me he can't read so my helper has always helped him with these. Today, without a helper, I encouraged him to do it on his own. He resisted so I helped him. I made him read the cards. H actually reads quite well. He would get frustrated if he saw a word that he didn't know so he would tell me he couldn't read any of it. Long story short -- he can read. I praised him highly. I hope this will give him the confidence to read in class on his own more.

Since this little boy struggled so much with the pocket book I let him put the timeline pictures in order. He really enjoyed that. As the other kids finished up, I let them either do the timeline pictures or put the people on the wall of faith or the pocket of shame.

Then, we got our Memory Notebooks out and reviewed Psalm 23. Since Wednesday night is our regular monthly singing, we went ahead and copied the next portion of the Psalm. We have 4 parts done. They are memorizing it very well.

By this time class was over. We didn't get to sing. Oh well, maybe next time.