Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saul Offers a Sacrifice -- 1 Samuel 13

Today's lesson is about the first time we Saul really doing anything as king and he messes up. He messes up so bad that God tells him that the honor of being king will taken away from his family and given to someone "after God's own heart". I don't have any exciting handwork this morning. We'll be doing a lot of review and then hopefully I can tell the story in such a way that will hold their attention and have them wanting to know what happens next. We'll see...

Lesson Plan:

Review: Review the story of Saul so far.

The lesson: Talk about Saul not waiting for Samuel to offer the sacrifice

Wall of Faith: Let them take turns putting the name cards either on the wall of faith or in the pocket of shame.

Memory work: Read Psalm 23 together. See if they can recite the 1st 2 sections by memory.

Singing: Sing The Love of God

Worship Notes: Pass out new worship notes and remind them how to fill these out.

Prayer: I lead and prayer and class was dismissed.