Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saul Is Anointed, cont

Tonight's lesson will be a continuation of Sunday morning. One of the nice things about teaching both Sunday AM and Wednesday PM is that I can stop where I want in the story and pick up where I left off. One of the drawbacks is that I have a student that can not come on Wednesday evenings. He's going to miss out on "the rest of the story". But, I guess that's what review is all about.

Lesson Plan:

Review: Review why the Israelites wanted a king and what that king would expect of the people.

The lesson: Continue where I left off Sunday.

Pocket book: We did our pocket books Sunday AM but since they hadn't heard the whole story, they weren't very good at it. We'll do it again tonight, hopefully with better results.

Memory work: Read Psalm 23 together. Copy the next section in their notebooks.

Singing: We didn't get to sing The Love of God Sunday AM due to time. We'll definitely (or at least almost definitely) do it tonight.

Worship Notes: Look over their worship notes they brought back from Sunday's sermon. Talk to them about the lesson (if we have time).

Prayer: I lead and prayer and class was dismissed.