Saturday, January 03, 2009

A New Year, A New Quarter, A New Class -- Hannah's Prayer

I have spent the last 6 months teaching the 5 and 6 year olds. There are only 2 regular kids in the class, one of which is mine. We did a lot of learning but I didn't do a lot of lesson plans. I found it hard to plan a class for just 2. I had a stack of activities each class period and we would do them in whatever order seemed best at the moment.

Now that I'm teaching the next grade up, I'll have to do better. There are 5 regular kids in this class with a few somewhat regular visitors. One of the kids in the class is a real challenge. In fact, if you look back at the lesson plans I did for the pre-school class when we studied Samuel (the same lesson we'll be doing for the next few weeks) you'll that it is the same child. He's a little older so the problems are not the same but he is still a challenge.

This quarter we will be studying the United Kingdom. This includes Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon. I wrote a song for the First Three Kings (in fact that is the name of the song). I'll try to get online later. I'm losing my voice due to some sickness and don't want you to have to listen to me singing a song in that condition. It's bad enough when I'm feeling good.

This lesson plan will be pretty detailed. After this time I will just list the activities unless there is something new added. I hope to get some pictures added as time goes by as well.

Lesson Plan:

Review Bible story. I want to start at the beginning and stop at Samuel. I have pictures for some of the major characters that have magnets on the back. Our white board is magnetic so one of the activities we'll be doing is putting the Bible characters in order. I may come up with some competitive activities to go along with this later. For now, we'll just make sure they know the major characters.

Tell the story of Hannah praying for Samuel and God fulfilling her request.

Wall of Faith: It's not quite ready, but I plan on have a wall that is devoted to Faith. The previous teacher left a the passage from Hebrews on the wall: Faith is the substance of things hoped for... That passage will stay up there and each lesson we'll decide if the characters in the story were exhibiting faith or not. If so, their picture goes on the faith wall. If not, I'm not sure if we'll have a non-faith section or maybe a pocket that those with no faith will go. The first will probably be Eli's sons.

Do Pocket Book Activity: For the 3 weeks we'll be talking about Samuel we'll be putting a pocket book together. This book is one of Dinah Zike's ideas in her Big Book of Books. There are 2 pockets. One has a picture of Hannah the other has a picture of Eli. There are several slips of paper about 1"x3" with things that Hannah and Eli either said or did. The students are to read the slips of paper and decide which pocket they go in. We'll be adding to this pocket book a couple of more times during our other classes.

Memory Work: We'll be memorizing Psalm 23 for the next 6 weeks. I hope to memorize 2 Psalms or other pieces of Biblical poetry each quarter for the whole year. Each student has a notebook with the poetry written on one page, then it is broken down into smaller chunks (6 to be exact) on the subsequent pages. Each class session we'll read the entire Psalm. They'll copy the section of Psalm we're working on that week. Then each student will get a chance to recite the sections they have memorized so far.

Song Leading: I have 4 boys in this class and 1 girl. I plan on teaching the boys how to lead singing, at least a little bit. I want to spend just a little bit of time practicing our hand motions and giving them some practice doing this. We'll have more time on Wednesday night but we'll try to do it with at least one song every class session.

Worship Notes: Each child has a notebook that will stay in the classroom. On Sunday mornings, I will pass out a worship notes page for them to take with them to the auditorium. There is a place on this page to record the songs we sing and to write either 3 points from the sermon or copy 3 passages of scripture from the sermon. The back is blank. They are to either draw a picture that will help them remember the sermon or copy down a chart used during the sermon. This won't be as hard as it sounds because Danny passes out sermon notes everytime. They can just look at the main points or choose 3 of the passages. I want them to get used to taking notes and hopefully listening to some of the sermon. I plan on spending a little bit of time on Wednesday night discussing the sermon with them.