Sunday, November 22, 2009

Esther Becomes Queen

For the next two weeks we get to talk about Esther. What a wonderful story with lots of lessons that can be applied to our every day lives. Today's lesson is on how Esther became queen. What application is best made? We could talk about obedience/respect for those who take care of us (Esther/Mordecai). We could talk about using wisdom when approaching a difficult situation (Esther when she goes to visit the King for the night). We could talk about how we should stand up for what is right even if we get punished for it (Queen Vashti). We could talk about learning not to talk too much (Mordecai advised Esther not to tell her ancestry). Then there's the lesson about Mordecai warning Esther about the plot against the King -- but that's for Wednesday night.

Lesson Plan:

Kings of Israel/Judah: I think the kids are getting the Kings of Judah down (at least when they sing the song).

Ecclesiastes 12:8-13: We copied the 4th section Wednesday night. This morning we'll read it together, say it from memory together and if anyone wants to attempt what we've written from memory, they'll get a chance to do that.

Esther: Introduce the main characters of the story (King Ahaseurus, Queen Vashti, Mordecai, Esther). Write their names on the board and give a brief description of who they are (their position, who they're related to, etc). Tell the story of Esther becoming queen. I'll be reading from Esther 1 and 2 and making comments as necessary as we go along.

Book of the Old Testament: This is going well. Just a couple of them have trouble with the Minor Prophets.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


If you're keeping up with my lesson plans you'll notice a large jump from the last one to this one. I'm still hanging in there and teaching. I just haven't blogged about it.

We are studying from Nehemiah. After 70 years in captivity, the Israelites are being allowed back into the promised land. It is a mess. They have had to do lots of work to get back in shape to worship God and to live in. If anyone doubts that God takes care of his own, reading the last chapters of 2 Chronicles and then Ezra and Nehemiah should resolve those doubts. Not only did God allow the Israelites to be taken away, He caused King Cyrus to send them back and pay for the rebuilding of the temple. It gives me great comfort to know that God took care of the Israelites. I know that He will take care of me just the same.

Lesson Plan:

Kings of Israel/Judah:
I think the kids are getting the Kings of Judah down (at least when they sing the song).

Ecclesiastes 12:8-13: We started our new memory work and are doing well learning it. It is not quite as easy as the last one was but the kids needed a good challenge at the end of the year. This morning, we'll read through it and the try to quote the first 3 verses from memory.

Nehemiah: Today we'll start our study of Nehemiah. This is the great lesson where the people all stood while Ezra read from the book of the law. I hope to teach the class how important it is to respect God's word -- to give attention to it when it is being read and to want to learn more as the people did when they came back the second day so they could understand it better.

Book of the Old Testament: We're still working on cementing the books of the OT into their heads. We need to concetrate on the Minor Prophets.