Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is a sad day. We have to read in Jeremiah how disappointed, or should I say disgusted, God is with Judah. He even tells them that they are have done worse than Israel. I plan on starting class with a review of Genesis 12 1-3 where God first gives His 3 promises to Abraham -- Nation, Land, Spiritual Blessing. We'll then review how God went about fulfilling these promises.

God made Abraham's descendants a great nation when he gave them a law at Mt Sinai. He gave them the land when Joshua leads them into the promised land and they take possession. The promise of a spiritual blessing (Christ coming) had yet to be fulfilled when the descendants of Abraham behaved so badly that God took the land away . First, the Assyrians came and bit by bit took away the Northern Kingdom (Israel) into captivity. Most of the land God had given them, He took away. Then, Jeremiah is told by God to tell the Southern Kingdom (Judah) about their fate -- they will be taken away from the land as well. This comes about during King Zedekiah's reign.

Why does God do this? What have they done that was so wrong? God simply says in Jeremiah 1:16 "because they have forsaken Me." He then elaborates quite a bit on that but basically that is what happened. What about the spiritual blessing? Will God keep His promise? He does -- in His time.

Lesson Plan:

Psalm 1: On Wednesday night we officially completed Psalm 1. Only one student was able to "sign the wall" because he had completed it to my satisfaction. Hopefully a couple of more can do it this morning.

Review Promises to Abraham: Genesis 12

Review when promises were fulfilled: Nation -- Exodus 20, Land -- Joshua, Spiritual blessing -- still waiting at this point.

Jeremiah's prophecy: Read Jeremiah 1. Keep reading if there is time and the kids are listening well.

Worship Notes: Pass out worship notes.


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