Sunday, September 06, 2009


This morning our class will study Isaiah. The students have been fascinated with the fact that God told prophets what would happen years before it ever happened. I hope to build on that enthusiasm this morning by reading Isaiah 53 and Matthew 27. Depending on the mood of the class, I hope to read from Isaiah and then read from Matthew then go back and read from Isaiah again. Sometimes they have a longer attention span than at other times. Hopefully, this morning is one of those times. I think once they've heard both passages that Isaiah 53 will mean more to them.

Lesson Plan:

Psalm 1: We finished copying this last week. A couple of the kids have it memorized. A couple more are almost there.

Introduce Isaiah: Read the first several verses of Isaiah 1 to give the kids an idea of who Isaiah was and who he prophesied to. Help them locate Isaiah on the timeline.

Isaiah 6:1-8: This was part of the assigned reading for the week. I want them to see how many of our hymns come straight from scripture. Verse 8 is where the hymn Here Am I Send Me comes from (I think that's the title of the hymn).

Sing: Here Am I

Isaiah 53/Matthew 27: Read and compare the two passages concentrating on the verses that are prophesied in Isaiah.

Map work: The map work is going well. If we have time, we'll take turns taking all the labels off and putting them all back on. I hope to have blank maps Wednesday evening for them to label and color.

Worship Notes: Pass out worship notes.


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