Sunday, July 05, 2009


Today starts a new quarter. We will be studying the divided kingdom. One thing I wish I had concentrated on during our study of the united kingdom was the map of that time. To go in now and say that the kingdom is divided won't make much sense to them because they never really got a full grasp of what the kingdom was like before. So, I put a large map (enlarged with an overhead) on one wall. The map is unlabeled. I will put velcro dots on the map and let the kids put the labels on the map. Hopefully, after a few weeks they'll get the idea of what this map looks like.

We will be memorizing Psalm 1 this quarter. It should take approximately 7 weeks to get it memorized.

Lesson Plan:

Introduce Psalm 1: Read it from the back of their notebook

Review: Since we have been studying the books of poetry for the last quarter, we need to spend quite a bit of time reviewing the whole Bible story. We will use the timeline in the room to help with this review. This will also be a good time to introduce the large map on the wall.

Bible Story: Tell the story of how Jeroboam became king. The rest of the story will be saved for Wednesday night.

Worship Notes: Pass out worship notes. Some of the kids really like doing these. Some don't.

Sing: I wrote a new song for this lesson -- Rehoboam/Jeroboam.

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