Sunday, July 12, 2009

Elijah -- 1 Kings 17

Summer is here and I am less organized. That seems to be the pattern of my summer Bible classes. I just don't seem to get my act together to jot down a lesson plan before class. Such was the class Wednesday night. We finished up studying about Jeroboam. The lesson was presented by reading from the Bible and paraphrasing as necessary to keep the kids' attention. At this age, the kids are all pretty familiar with the more prominent Bible stories -- David, Noah, Joseph, Jonah, etc. This is usually the first time they actually remember much about most of these kings. They listened like it was the first time they had heard it. I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy teaching this age. They love to hear any Bible story but when it's one that is so exciting and one they've never heard, then they are enthralled. They were really interested in the part where the man of God is killed by the lion and the lion and donkey just sit there on the side of the road. To tell you the truth, I was fascinated too and I've taught this lesson before.

Tomorrow, we'll study about Elijah. They should be familiar with the part where Elijah is fed by the ravens. They will probably even be somewhat familiar with the story of the widow and her son. (That's how far we'll get tomorrow). What they probably haven't heard until now is why there was no rain. So we'll talk about Ahab tomorrow as well.

We got a good start with Psalm 1 Wednesday evening. We didn't get it started Sunday because when I went to the building to make copies, the color copier was broken. So, we put it off until Wednesday. We had a little extra time at the end of class so they took turns choosing one of the other Psalms we had memorized to say by themselves. Of course, they all chose Psalm 23. We then did Psalm 100 and Psalm 127 together.

Lesson Plan:

Introduce Psalm 1: Read it from the back of their notebook.

Review: Review the story of Jeroboam. Give a brief synopsis of the kings of Israel up until King Ahab.

Bible Story: Read/paraphrase 1 Kings 17. There will probably be time to cover the whole chapter but if not, we can do it Wednesday evening.

Map work: Talk about some of the key places on the map. Take off 2 or three labels per student and let them see if they can remember where to put them.

Worship Notes: Pass out worship notes. Some of the kids really like doing these. Some don't.

Sing: I wrote a new song for this lesson -- Rehoboam/Jeroboam.

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