Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS -- Remember Your Creator -- Wednesday

Here we are in the middle of the week. The class is settling in to a routine. The kids are getting a little more used to me. They all have such different and sweet personalities. One sweet little girl likes to give Jesus as the answer to most questions. She's learned early what I didn't figure out until High School -- if you don't know the answer, it's probably Jesus. Actually, in my classes growing up it always seemed to be Paul. I have one little boy that doesn't want to lick the back of his stickers. I think I'll just give him a glue stick today. I have one (mine) that likes to talk too much. I need to put him away from the little girl he sat by yesterday. They talked and talked.

I didn't have time to work on Samuel's pillowcase with them yesterday. We'll need to do some today. I'm saving the painting (I bought spray paint for fabric. I hope it won't be too messy) until Thursday. The temperature is very, very hot here. It's supposed to be 100 for the next 3 days. I'm planning on doing the painting outside. But, that is tomorrow.

For Samuel's story, I used the black light flip chart. If you've never used one of these, you're missing out. There are only 3 kids in class that have seen these used before. They are always thrilled with them, but the new kids were totally mesmerized.

Today's lesson is about David and how he showed faith and courage in God at a young age. He then went on to become the king of Israel. It is a favorite story with kids and I love to teach it. I'll be using a flip chart I made years ago and a black light story as well.

Yesterday in our activities room we tie dyed t-shirts. We've done this every year and the kids love it. It always seems to fit in to what we're learning. These shirts are very colorful and help remind the kids about Joseph's coat of many colors.

Lesson Plan:

Attendance Chart: Each child will add David to the chart

Creation Bulletin board: Our bulletin board is beginning to look like something now.

Creation Stickers: Green paper with animals stickers today

Activities Room: We go to the activities room about 10:30.

Memory Work: Pass out Memory booklets. "Read" the passage with them. Allow them to copy the passage. The activity for today is a word search. It just has six words and they are animals that God made. They've been looking ahead in the book and keep wanting to do this one.

Song: Introduce the theme song for the week: Remember Your Creator. This is a song I wrote. There are 2 verses that will be sung everyday and then each day a verse dedicated to the Bible character we're studying about will be included. We'll sing the David verse today. Click here to listen to a recording of Remember Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth -- David. Again, it's not online yet but hopefully will be by the end of the week.

Introduction to David: Pass our David books. We will be learning about faith and courage. The first activity in the book is a place to draw a picture of something they are afraid of. The last activity in the book will be about praying to God when we are afraid. We will trace their hand in a praying position and those that can will write a short prayer to God. Those that can't write will dictate it one to a teacher. There is also a puzzle of David and Goliath they can put together.

Tell Story of David: There is a flip chart for this one. I may get to use the blacklight story too.

Sing: David

Review Memory Work: Go over the memory verse either with their booklets or just by memory.

Samuel Pillowcase: We are working on a week long activity. Yesterday they drew a picture of themselves. Today they will copy (those that can) what Samuel said to God "Speak Lord, I'm listening". This is the activity we didn't get to yesterday. Hopefully we'll have time today.

Blacklight story: If there is time use the blacklight flip chart about things God made.

One last song: If there is time I'll introduce a new song to them called Thank You. It is intended to be sung on Friday, but it is long with lots of words and fun to sing so we'll start it today -- if there is time.

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