Thursday, June 25, 2009

VBS -- Remember Your Creator -- Thursday

Josiah is the lesson for today. Josiah is a great example of a young man standing up to the establishment of his day and doing things God's way. My class will be concentrating on the respect Josiah had for God's word once he found it.

This lesson is not as easy as the others to prepare for because there just isn't that much available out there in the way of visual aids. One of the problems we run up against making our own VBS curriculum is the lack of visual aids. I know that most teachers are like myself and scour the internet for material to use. We have a few good sources of visuals in our resource room and this year, Danny (my husband) put his artistic skills to good use and drew pictures of the Bible characters we are studying. Now if I could get him to do that all the time, I'd have it made.

I plan on doing the "big" art project today. I had the kids draw a picture of themselves on Monday. Then, the ones that can copy are going to copy the phrase from Samuel "Speak Lord, I'm listening". Tonight I plan to go over their pictures and copy work with a sharpie, scan them in the computer and print them with iron-on stuff so I can iron them onto a pillow case. I have placed a square of contact paper to the middle of their white pillow cases where I am going to iron on their picture. Today, they will spray around the contact paper and wherever else they want on the pillow case with fabric spray paint. Tomorrow they will have a pillow case they decorated that hopefully will remind them of our lesson about Samuel and how listened to God.

Lesson Plan:

Attendance Chart: Each child will add Josiah to the chart

Creation Bulletin board: Our bulletin board is beginning to look like something now.

Creation Stickers: Light blue paper with birds. This will be the last of these sticker pages to do and will go in their memory book with the rest of them.

Activities Room: We go to the activities room about 10:30.

Memory Work: Pass out Memory booklets. "Read" the passage with them. Allow them to copy the passage. The activity today is to learn to say thank you by spelling it out in sign language.

Song: Introduce the theme song for the week: Remember Your Creator. This is a song I wrote. There are 2 verses that will be sung everyday and then each day a verse dedicated to the Bible character we're studying about will be included. We'll sing the Josiah verse today. Click here to listen to a recording of Remember Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth -- Josiah.

Introduction to Josiah: Pass our Josiah books. Today we will be learning about respecting God's word and how a young king destroyed all the idols and people that were involved in worshiping those idols. The activities on the first page are to help them know the difference in God's book and man's books. There are pictures of stories we learn from the Bible and stories we read in picture books -- Noah, Creation, Baby Jesus, Little Bear, Clifford, Madeline. They will decide if the pictures go under the "God's Book" column or the "Man's Book" column. The 2nd activity is similar but there are pockets with actual pictures of book covers from books like Corduroy, Harry The Dirty Dog, etc. There is a little book made of black construction paper with white paper stapled inside to represent the Bible. The ones that would like will get to write GOD inside their "Bible".

Tell Story of Josiah: We will read the story of Josiah from their little books.

Sing: Josiah

Review Memory Work: Go over the memory verse either with their booklets or just by memory. Today they should be able to put their third sticker on the back of their books. Some of them can tell what their pictures are already. Some will need to wait until the last sticker is in place.

Samuel Pillowcase: Go outside and paint the pillowcases. I live next door to the church building and I have a clothes line in the backyard. We will be hanging the pillowcases from the clothesline to paint and to dry.

Blacklight story: If there is time use the blacklight flip chart about things God made.

One last song: If there is time I'll introduce a new song to them called Thank You. It is intended to be sung on Friday, but it is long with lots of words and fun to sing so we'll start it today -- if there is time.

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