Friday, June 26, 2009

VBS -- Remember Your Creator -- Friday

It's the last day of our VBS. It has been a lot of fun as well as a lot of work. Danny was looking through some old VBS song books he had put together. It was interesting to see the topics we've studied in the past. I think the earliest he came across was 1991. Back then we were buying packaged curriculum. The curriculum available years ago was actually pretty good stuff. Then, things changed. It seemed like all of the publishers were competing to see who could have the most exciting, fun-filled VBS. Many of themes I've seen published had to be looked through deeply to find any Bible being taught. So, we started writing our own. Basically, Danny comes up with a theme with a few scriptures and objectives and then tells the teachers to go for it. Our teachers have always worked very hard and the students come away with lessons that just can't be found in modern packaged VBS curricula. I'm very proud of our teachers and the work they put into this. It is not only good for the students. It is good for the teacher as well. It is a known fact that the teacher always learns more than the student does.

Tomorrow's lesson is on Timothy. Timothy was chosen because as a young boy his mother and grandmother taught him about God. He later went on to become a teacher of God's word to many other people. He's a great example for our young people to follow. My class will be talking about how thankful we should be to the people that teach us about God. Whether it's our parents or grandparents or teachers or whoever, we need to realize what a gift they have given us. We'll also talk about how we can teach others like Timothy did. Now, I know that 5 and 6 year olds are a little young to be having Bible studies with their friends, they can begin thinking now that teaching others is something they will want to do later.

As I sit here typing at 12:30 AM I just realized that I forgot to do a project for tomorrow. Unless I wake up early to do it, I guess it will have to wait for another class time. I'm sure we'll have plenty to do tomorrow as it is.

Lesson Plan:

Attendance Chart: Each child will add Timothy to the chart

Creation Bulletin board: I'll let them add as many of the animals that are left as they want to.

Activities Room: We go to the activities room about 10:30.

Memory Work: Pass out Memory booklets. "Read" the passage with them. They should be able to say the whole verse by now. Most of them have 3 stickers already. The 4th one will complete the picture of their animal.

Song: We'll sing the Remember Your Creator song about Timothy.

Introduction to Timothy: Pass our Timothy books. The first activity in the book is to draw a picture of someone that has taught them about God.

Tell Story of Josiah: We will read the story of Timothy from their little books.

Timothy Puzzle: This is an eight piece puzzle I made using one of the pictures in the little book. It goes into the pocket inside the front cover.

Sing: Thank You This song is a mouthful. We worked on it Thursday so they are a little familiar with it.

Blacklight story: I've been wanting to show this one to them for the past couple of days. I will make time for it today.

Get Ready To Go: Pass out back packs and let them start filling it with their stuff they did this week. Pass out each book and remind them briefly about the story. Pass out the memory booklet and see if they say the verse from memory again. Pass out the pillow cases. Pass out the attendance charts (these will have to be folded to fit in the back pack) and the attendance certificates.

Pictures: Take a group picture

Songs: Let the students choose their favorite song to sing.


Roan said...

Diana, I enjoy reading about your Bible classes. I am really impressed with your teaching! We are having our VBS in July, and we are using packaged curr. I would like to use "teacher-created", but in reality, it would be me and maybe one more Mama "creating" it, and I am just not up to it right now.
Thanks for always sharing!

Diana Dow said...

Thanks Roan. I understand the dilemma of needing teachers that want to put together their own material. One of the key factors that helps is a well stocked resource room. When the material and equipment is there to use, it's amazing what people are willing to do. we would probably have more teachers volunteer if we bought a packaged curriculum. I understand that some people are talented in the creativity area while others struggle. It's amazing to see people that thought they weren't all that creative come up with some very creative things.