Sunday, June 28, 2009

Song of Solomon

VBS is over. Now we're on to our regular Bible classes. Today is the last day of the quarter. We've been studying the books of poetry. Because our monthly Wednesday evening singing is this Wednesday night, I just get one class session to teach these kids about Song of Solomon.

This quarter we memorized Psalm 100 and Psalm 127. We also are learning to recognize some key passages and which book of poetry they belong in. You may remember the wall decoration we had where the kids put the phrase or verse in the correct poetry book. Here's a picture of it:

I thought it would be fun to test the adults out there on this so I scoured the internet to find a way to make an online multiple choice quiz. If you would like, click the link and see just how much you know about the books of poetry.

How Well Do You Know The Books Of Poetry » Quizzes

Lesson Plan:

Marriage: To make sure this activity goes smoothly, we need to jump right in there and do it at the beginning of class. This idea came out of the Shaping Hearts for God curriculum and from a friend on Facebook. Each child will have 2 paper dolls. We have some of the die cut people in the resource room to use for this. We'll talk about God's plan for marriage going back to the beginning (Genesis) to find out what His plan is. I'll let each child glue their couple together -- either holding hands or with their arms around each other. As these dry, we'll continue on with our lesson

Bible Facts: The kids have had the opportunity to view all the Bible facts in the light boxes. We'll review today. This was a great activity that was a challenge to get started but once it was up and running was something they looked forward to every class.

Psalm 127: We'll review this and let anyone that hasn't gotten to say it all the way through by themselves do so.

Song of Solomon: We'll read parts of chapter 2 (most of the phrases to be put on the wall come this chapter) and chapters 4 and 5. These 2 chapters are the ones where they are describing each other. We'll talk a little about the descriptions and the language used.

Books of Poetry Activity: Let them take turns reading the cards with the poetry phrases on them and choose which book they belong in. This is the first time they will be doing this with all 5 books.

Bible Facts Light Boxes: Quickly go through the questions from the previous Bible facts.

Marriage again: All this time, the couple they glued together should be on the table in front of them. Talk about marriage again. Then we'll talk about divorce and how much God hates divorce. Read Malachi 2:16. Briefly talk about some of the problems arise when a couple chooses to divorce. Then let them "divorce" their couple by tearing them apart. This should leave some damaged paper dolls. Hopefully the message that divorce is not good will be driven home.

Sing: Let them choose their favorite songs. Since we just finished VBS this may include some of those songs as well.

Review Memory Work: If there is time, review Psalms 23, 100 or 127


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