Saturday, May 02, 2009

Psalm 136 -- A Review of the Exodus

I really enjoy sharing this Psalm with my students. It is very long but the topic is so familiar with the students that they enjoy it as well. So many of Psalms have abstract ideas that are hard for 7/8 year olds to understand without explanation.

I got busy working on an activity for this class and didn't have time to sit down and right out a lesson plan so I'm going to give an overview of what we did, not what we're going to do.

Review: We started class reviewing the Bible facts they have found in the Light Boxes on the wall. They've seen (and hopefully remember) 16 facts so far. I was pleased that they remembered it all so well.

Psalm 23: We spent last quarter memorizing Psalm 23 and last Sunday reviewing it for our Psalm study. We spent a little time reciting it as a group and then going around the table and reciting it individually.

Timeline Review: Since we were going to be studying Psalm 136 I wanted to make sure they remembered the main points of the history of God's people. We quickly reviewed (that means I didn't give them time to elaboriate -- they go into lots of detail that we didn't have time for) using the timeline from Creation to David.

Psalm 136: We read Psalm 136 (I gave them a choice to follow along in their Bible or to just listen and participate orally). I told them to say "For His mercy endures forever" after every phrase that I read. They went through all the emotions that you would expect a 7/8 year old to go through. At first they were really concentrating hoping to do it right. Then they fell into the routine and became very confident, Then they began to see this was going to be a long reading and started relaxing and getting a little silly. Then, with an admonition from me, they ended it with respectful attitudes and confidence. We quickly reviewed the history points that David brought out in the Psalm.

Psalm 100: This is the Psalm we're memorizing right now. We're almost through. The copywork is done but since I missed so much last week we're going to spend one more week on it. The following are pictures of an activity put together to help them memorize this passage. They are pretty good about saying the passage but when they have to actually stop and read it and find the card that comes next, it's more of a challenge. Click on the picture to see instructions and the pdf files for this activity.

Song: Make A Joyful Noise by Diana Dow
Uz Was by Glenda Schales (they beg for this one every class)

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