Saturday, May 09, 2009

Psalm 119 -- Instructional Psalms

Tomorrow's lesson will highlight the longest chapter in the Bible. As the years have gone by I have grown to appreciate this Psalm more and more. There are some fascinating things to talk to the kids about it. It is also the chapter we are using for the scripture on our bulletin board.

I want to start the lesson showing the kids samples of the Hebrew alphabet. Psalm 119 is written as an acrostic with each section labeled with a Hebrew letter. I printed a chart of the Hebrew alphabet from this website. I also printed out a short passage written in Hebrew from this website.

Psalm 119 Activity: Psalm 119 talks about God's word and uses a variety of descriptive words to do it I've chosen 8 verses (25-32) to read to children for this activity. I have graphics of an open Bible with the descriptive words from the passage written on each. These graphics will be passed out to the students. As I read the passage I want them to listen to carefully so they can raise their "open Bible" when they hear the word that is written on it. There are 8 descriptive words used in this passage: Law, Judgments, Testimonies, Commandments, word, Statutes, Precepts and Works. I hope this activity will build their vocabulary, help them understand the different ways God's word is described and give them a greater appreciation for Psalm 119. Click on the picture for the pdf of this activity.

Lesson Plan:

Bible Facts:
Add the next 2 facts. Encourage students to look at them as they come into the classroom.

Psalm 100: We'll do a quick review this morning.

Introduction to Psalm 119: Discuss the Hebrew alphabet: its history, what it looks like, who used it, etc. Pass visuals around that I discussed in the intro to this blog.

Psalm 119 Activity:
Do the activity as described in the intro to this blog.

God's Word:
Discuss the importance of God's law and following it. Psalm 119 was written during the Mosaical age and so the law that is talked about here is that law. We should take the same attitude exhibited in Psalm 119 toward the new law God gave us in the New Testament.

Psalm 19:
This Psalm talks about how precious the law of God is. We'll read at least part of it and then sing Psalm 10 from the hymn book.

Books of Poetry: Spend some time putting the statements from Job and Psalms in the books on the wall.

Sing: Glenda Schales' Uz Was. We'll keep singing this one. Even my student that doesn't like to sing likes this one. We'll also sing Make A Joyful Shout.

If there is time, review Psalm 23 and Psalm 100.


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