Sunday, May 24, 2009

Proverbs -- A study in Wisdom

This morning we will begin studying Proverbs. Our class we will do an overview of Proverbs 1-9. We will be concentrating on the importance of having wisdom. Last quarter when we studied about Solomon asking for wisdom we talked about how James tells us to pray for wisdom. We'll do a review of Solomon's request, talk about James and then talk about some of the highlights of Proverbs 1-9.

Lesson Plan:

Bible Facts:
Add the next 2 facts. Encourage students to look at them as they come into the classroom.

Psalm 127: Review the first part that we copied on Wednesday evening. Read the entire chapter out loud in unison.

Review: Discuss Solomon's request for wisdom.

Wisdom: Discuss the meaning of wisdom.

Proverbs 1-9:
Read the 1st chapter and as much of the next 3 as their wiggly bodies will allow. We will be reviewing this on Wednesday night so if they don't get it all this morning, they will have another chance.

Books of Poetry: We now have all 8 statements for Psalms and 3 for Proverbs. This should be a much more challenging activity than it has been in the past.

Sing: Glenda Schales' Uz Was. We'll keep singing this one. Even my student that doesn't like to sing likes this one. We'll also sing Make A Joyful Shout.

If there is time, review Psalm 23 and Psalm 100.


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