Saturday, May 30, 2009

Proverbs -- The Parent/Child Relationship

Wednesday evening we continued our study of Proverbs by looking at the parent/child relationship. We used a Question/Answer booklet that I learned to use in Dinah Zike's Big Book of Books. If you haven't heard or used this book yet, you need to look at it. When I found it, years ago, it changed the way I teach. The little booklets Dinah Zike shares in her book help the teacher and the student to "divide the data". Or, in other words, break down what you're trying to teach into manageable parts that will help the student retain the information.

This booklet asks the question: What's a parent to do? and What's a child to do? The child is asked to read passages from the Bible (they are printed on cards so they don't have to look them up in the Bible unless you would like for them to) and decide if these passages are instructions for the parent or for the child. They then, lift the appropriate flap on their Q/A book and glue the passage in the correct spot. This activity requires the child to read or have someone nearby to help them read when necessary. Their are 12 passages in all. If this is going too take more time in your class than you can allot, feel free to choose fewer of the passages.

The activity can be done after going over all the passages together or they can be discussed as they children are doing the activity. I did it as they were doing the activity but I just had 3 in class that night. It would have been better to discuss before if there had been anymore there.

To make the booklet, copy the files on copy paper. I used colored paper for the cover and white paper for the passages. Fold the cover in half with pictures on the outside. Then fold it in half again so that the picture of the parents and the pictures of the children playing baseball are on the inside. Using scissors, cut on the fold between the pictures mentioned above. This creates 2 flaps: one for the parents and one for the child. The pictures of the mom, dad and little boy are the cover. Cut the passages apart on the lines. In class, pass out the booklets with the passages and give each child a glue stick. Have the students read the passage and decide if this is an instruction to the parent or to the child. Glue the passage under the appropriate flap.

Click on the picture to download the files for this project.

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