Friday, April 03, 2009

Solomon's Decline

Once again, I taught class without a formal lesson plan last Sunday. Towards the end of the quarter things are in a pretty good routine so we tend to just do more of the same and finish up whatever project we have going. This was the last lesson for the quarter. Since we had finished memorizing Psalm 23, we began our new memory work -- Psalm 100. We also discussed the decline of Solomon. It is really a sad story to have to tell. The past 2 weeks have been about his wisdom and all the wonderful things he accomplished. Then to have to tell the kids that Solomon -- the wisest king -- followed the influence of others and began worshiping other gods. It's a sad, pathetic ending to a wonderful life.

I've been promising that I would get the song -- The First Three Kings -- online for some time now. I finally did and you can see/hear/print it by clicking on the music below.

The First Three King by Diana Dow

I also took pictures of the room. You can see them below.

Wall of Faith: As we met new people in our study, we added their name to the wall of faith. That is, if they were faithful to God. If they were not faithful to God their name was put in the pocket of shame. There is a closeup of the pocket of shame below.

Wall of Faith

Close up of Pocket of Shame

Pocket of Shame

David Bulletin Board: Since we are memorizing some of the Psalms this year, I wanted a bulletin board to remind us that David wrote the Psalms. This bulletin board came from Soul-ly For Kids (sorry no website to link to). I wrote Psalm 119:11 in the cloud -- Your word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You. Each quarter I will be changing the passage in the cloud. I plan on using verses from Psalm 119 each time.

David bulletin Board

Here is a closeup of the verse Psalm 119:11:

Psalm 119:11

Hide It In Your Heart: This is a wall decoration that will be completed over the course of a year. Each heart in the picture will hopefully (well maybe several of the hearts) be filled with a passage the students have memorized. As the class learns the passage, I add a sign showing what it was we learned. As each child is able to recite it from memory, they get to sign the heart.

Hide It In My Heart

Here is a closeup of the hearts:

Hide It In My Heart

Our new quarter begins Sunday. We will be studying Books of Poetry.

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