Saturday, April 04, 2009


Tomorrow morning, a new quarter begins. This quarter we will be studying the books of poetry. One of my helpers spent about 5 hours with me yesterday redecorating the room. I sure am glad she was able to come. It would've taken me twice as long to do it myself. We're adding a little something new this quarter. We've been following the outline presented in the Amplified Bible Curriculum. We've been using it for the past 8 years. It is a really good curriculum but something new would be nice. This quarter we're testing the waters with Shaping Hearts For God. This curriculum has basically the same outline as the one we're using so we are using it as supplemental material this quarter. We may continue to do that or we may switch to Shaping Hearts and use the other as supplemental.

One really nice thing about Shaping Hearts for God is they offer so many great ideas to help you decorate your room. You can even buy what they call logo graphics that are almost ready-made bulletin boards. That along with some of their suggestions is what we added to the room yesterday. I will add pictures later.

Our first 2 weeks this quarter will be on the book of Job. I would really like a song about Job. If you know of any, let me know.

We'll be memorizing Psalm 100 for the first half of this quarter. I'm going to try to add new parts of the memory work every class session. Last quarter I just added new parts on Wednesday evening. With our monthly Wednesday evening singings and the times I was out of town, it left too many weeks that we didn't add any new verses to our memory work.

Lessons Plan:

Bible Facts: I made light boxes like Shaping Hearts for God suggests and am putting facts that I want the kids to learn about the books of poetry. There are 2 light boxes so they will learn 2 new facts each class session. I will need to teach how to use the boxes and hopefully get them excited about checking them each time they come in to class. In the future, this should not be an activity that takes class time up. I hope they will do it before class.

Psalm 100: We are memorizing Psalm 100. I want to start each class with this activity this quarter. We'll read through the entire Psalm together and then they can have a few minutes to copy the first part in their notebooks. I'm trying to train them to do any copying they may have missed from absences before class. Maybe with Spring here, there won't be as many absences as there was last quarter.

Books of Poetry: Introduce the idea of Biblical poetry. Review the books of the OT so they can see where they fit in.

Tell the story: We'll be going over the first part of Job. By Wednesday night they should know the whole story up to where God starts to talk to Job in the whirlwind. I'll save that for next week. I want to tell the story by reading it from my Bible and making comments as necessary.

Bible Facts: See if they can remember what facts they learned by looking the light boxes.



Roan said...

Just want you to know that I appreciate these posts. I am not using your ideas right now, but I love knowing that they are there. I will use them in the future I am sure!

Diana Dow said...

Thanks Roan. One of the reasons I keep this blog up is so I can find the information again when I need it. Unless the internet goes down...that is.