Saturday, April 25, 2009

Psalms of Guidance

After a week off from teaching, I'm eager to get back to my class. Last week, two friends taught lessons on Psalms of praise to my class. From what I heard they did an excellent job. I'm sorry I don't have their lesson to share with you here.

This week we will be studying Psalms of Guidance. Tomorrow morning we'll look closely at Psalm 23. this is the Psalm we memorized last quarter so the kids are very familiar with it. I hope to go more into details about what it means. We'll also spend time reviewing the memorization of it.

Lesson Plan:

Bible Facts: Add the next 2 facts. We've been doing this for 3 weeks now (6 classes). The students should have 12 facts memorized. We'll spend time reviewing the facts tomorrow.

P:salm 100: believe the substitutes from last week finished the copying of this psalm with the kids. We'll concentrate this week on memorizing it well. If they do good at this, we'll start Psalm 1 next week.

Tell the story: There isn't a story when studying Psalms, but this is the part of class we'll discuss Psalm 23.

Books of Poetry: We still just have statements from Job for this activity. Hopefully we'll add some Psalms next week.

Sing: Glenda Schales' Uz Was. We'll keep singing this one. Even my student that doesn't like to sing likes this one. We'll also sing Make A Joyful Shout and possibly the Lord Is My Shepherd.

Bible Facts: See if they can remember what facts they learned by looking the light boxes.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pictures of Wall Decoration

Tomorrow I won't be teaching my class so our family can go to Crockett where Danny is holding a meeting. Since I've had some spare time today that would normally be devoted to preparing for class, I decided to go next door and take some pictures of the activities talked about in the lesson plans for this quarter.

The first pictures are an idea that came from Shaping Hearts For God. The boxes are empty kleenex boxes painted or covered with paper. The 2 holes in front are to look into the box. There is a hole on the side that the flashlight shines in to. Each class there is a new Bible fact for the students to read. There are 2 of these boxes in the room. The Bible facts I'm using are directly related to the lesson of the day. The large flash light is a graphic that came with the materials from Shaping Hearts For God.

Here is a closeup. I attached the box with velcro to a posterboard. The flashlight is attached with velcro also.

The next 3 pictures are the same decoration/activity. Each of the poetry books is represented by a large "book" that opens and closes. Inside the books are strips of velcro. As we study each of the books we'll be adding 8 strips that have statements found in that particular book. For instance, in the book of Job is a strip that says, "From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it." The students decide which book the statement came from and put it in the appropriate book on the wall. They also have to tell me who said it or something else about the statement. At this point, it's pretty easy because we've only studied one book. As the quarter progresses there will be more of a challenge.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Job 41 -- Leviathan

Once again I have fallen behind on creating lesson plans. We will be studying Job for the last time tonight. That has given us 4 class periods with Job. I have used no visual aids while teaching Job. I just read the story from the Bible and elaborated as necessary. Visual aids are nice and can be a great asset in helping the children understand God's word but sometimes we tend to depend so much on them that we don't think a student can learn without them. The children were totally involved in the lesson as I read from the Bible. In fact, after reading the first 2 chapters that first day, they wanted more. That's the way I like to leave a class -- with them wanting to know more.

The next class period we talked about the 3 friends of Job and their discussions with him. I didn't read much from the Bible for this class. I just chose a verse or 2 from each friend and then Job's response to each so they could get an idea of what the language of the book of Job was like. I then summarized (very simply I might add) what each friend had to say to Job.

Sunday morning, we talked about Elihu's comments to Job and then we finally got to read some of what God said to Job. We discussed how God talked to Job in a whirlwind and about the different ways that God has talked to people (burning bush, dream, small still voice, Bible). I was going to save "the rest of the story" for tonight but since there is one student that never gets to come on Wednesday evening I decided to tell all about God's reward for Job's faithfulness.

So, what does that leave for tonight? We're going to review and then I want to elaborate about leviathan. There is a whole chapter devoted to this awesome creature.

Lessons Plan:

Bible Facts: I have been adding 2 new facts about Job to the light boxes each class period. The kids are beginning to get into the routine of checking these boxes before class. Each class period, I review what was in the boxes before with the questions on the back of the cards that have already been viewed in the boxes.

Psalm 100: I divided Psalm 100 into 4 parts. We have copied and hopefully memorized the first 2. We'll review this toight.

Tell the story: Review the story of Job and then discuss the Leviathan. I made a list of Leviathan's physical characteristics. It would be good to have them draw a picture after they hear what the Leviathan looked like.

Books of Poetry: I have "books" on the wall that represent each book of poetry. These "books" open up and have velcro on the inside. The goal is to have cards with statements from each of the books and the students are to decide which book they came from. They will then put the card on the velcro in the appropriate "book". So far, we've just studied Job so it's pretty easy. All the cards go in Job's book. As the quarter progresses this should get more challenging.

Sing: Glenda Schales' Uz Was. This is a great song that simpy tells the story of Job.
Psalm 100 -- This is one I wrote to help memorize the chapter. Neither of these are online at this time.

Bible Facts: See if they can remember what facts they learned by looking the light boxes.


Saturday, April 04, 2009


Tomorrow morning, a new quarter begins. This quarter we will be studying the books of poetry. One of my helpers spent about 5 hours with me yesterday redecorating the room. I sure am glad she was able to come. It would've taken me twice as long to do it myself. We're adding a little something new this quarter. We've been following the outline presented in the Amplified Bible Curriculum. We've been using it for the past 8 years. It is a really good curriculum but something new would be nice. This quarter we're testing the waters with Shaping Hearts For God. This curriculum has basically the same outline as the one we're using so we are using it as supplemental material this quarter. We may continue to do that or we may switch to Shaping Hearts and use the other as supplemental.

One really nice thing about Shaping Hearts for God is they offer so many great ideas to help you decorate your room. You can even buy what they call logo graphics that are almost ready-made bulletin boards. That along with some of their suggestions is what we added to the room yesterday. I will add pictures later.

Our first 2 weeks this quarter will be on the book of Job. I would really like a song about Job. If you know of any, let me know.

We'll be memorizing Psalm 100 for the first half of this quarter. I'm going to try to add new parts of the memory work every class session. Last quarter I just added new parts on Wednesday evening. With our monthly Wednesday evening singings and the times I was out of town, it left too many weeks that we didn't add any new verses to our memory work.

Lessons Plan:

Bible Facts: I made light boxes like Shaping Hearts for God suggests and am putting facts that I want the kids to learn about the books of poetry. There are 2 light boxes so they will learn 2 new facts each class session. I will need to teach how to use the boxes and hopefully get them excited about checking them each time they come in to class. In the future, this should not be an activity that takes class time up. I hope they will do it before class.

Psalm 100: We are memorizing Psalm 100. I want to start each class with this activity this quarter. We'll read through the entire Psalm together and then they can have a few minutes to copy the first part in their notebooks. I'm trying to train them to do any copying they may have missed from absences before class. Maybe with Spring here, there won't be as many absences as there was last quarter.

Books of Poetry: Introduce the idea of Biblical poetry. Review the books of the OT so they can see where they fit in.

Tell the story: We'll be going over the first part of Job. By Wednesday night they should know the whole story up to where God starts to talk to Job in the whirlwind. I'll save that for next week. I want to tell the story by reading it from my Bible and making comments as necessary.

Bible Facts: See if they can remember what facts they learned by looking the light boxes.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Solomon's Decline

Once again, I taught class without a formal lesson plan last Sunday. Towards the end of the quarter things are in a pretty good routine so we tend to just do more of the same and finish up whatever project we have going. This was the last lesson for the quarter. Since we had finished memorizing Psalm 23, we began our new memory work -- Psalm 100. We also discussed the decline of Solomon. It is really a sad story to have to tell. The past 2 weeks have been about his wisdom and all the wonderful things he accomplished. Then to have to tell the kids that Solomon -- the wisest king -- followed the influence of others and began worshiping other gods. It's a sad, pathetic ending to a wonderful life.

I've been promising that I would get the song -- The First Three Kings -- online for some time now. I finally did and you can see/hear/print it by clicking on the music below.

The First Three King by Diana Dow

I also took pictures of the room. You can see them below.

Wall of Faith: As we met new people in our study, we added their name to the wall of faith. That is, if they were faithful to God. If they were not faithful to God their name was put in the pocket of shame. There is a closeup of the pocket of shame below.

Wall of Faith

Close up of Pocket of Shame

Pocket of Shame

David Bulletin Board: Since we are memorizing some of the Psalms this year, I wanted a bulletin board to remind us that David wrote the Psalms. This bulletin board came from Soul-ly For Kids (sorry no website to link to). I wrote Psalm 119:11 in the cloud -- Your word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You. Each quarter I will be changing the passage in the cloud. I plan on using verses from Psalm 119 each time.

David bulletin Board

Here is a closeup of the verse Psalm 119:11:

Psalm 119:11

Hide It In Your Heart: This is a wall decoration that will be completed over the course of a year. Each heart in the picture will hopefully (well maybe several of the hearts) be filled with a passage the students have memorized. As the class learns the passage, I add a sign showing what it was we learned. As each child is able to recite it from memory, they get to sign the heart.

Hide It In My Heart

Here is a closeup of the hearts:

Hide It In My Heart

Our new quarter begins Sunday. We will be studying Books of Poetry.