Saturday, March 28, 2009

Solomon Builds The Temple

Wednesday night's class went well. We had bad weather so I wasn't expecting very many kids to show up. All of them that are the regulars were there. We studied about Solomon building the temple. I found some pictures of Solomon's temple online that I printed off and took to class. We also had a picture of the tabernacle. We talked about the importance of the tabernacle and how David wanted to build a temple for God. We talked some about how the temple looked but we spent most of our time on the dedication of the temple. I read Solomon's prayer to the kids. It's rather long and they got pretty fidgety but they listened well.

We finished up memorizing Psalm 23. I put a graphic on one of the hearts on the wall. Each student that had it memorized got to sign the heart. I took my camera to class with me so I could get some pictures on the blog but the camera's memory card was still in the computer. Hopefully I can do that this weekend. I do have the files I used for the Psalm 23. These are put a notebook for each child. You can them here: Psalm 23.

Below is a description of the pictures in the file and how to use them. I insist that the students seeit/hear it/say it/write it t to help them memorize.

Psalm 23 cover

This is the cover page for Psalm 23. I put it in the back of see-thru cover of the notebook while we were learning it. We used it to read from each class period. Even after they have pretty much gotten it memorized, we all read the passage while looking at it so they can continually see it. Then, after we learned the entire Psalm, we put it in the front of the Psalm 23 section of their notebook.

Psalm 23Psalm 23

Psalm 23Psalm 23

These 4 pages are the copy pages. Each class period (or each Wednesday night or Sunday morning) the students copy a section of the Psalm. This helps them to concentrate for a period of time on the details of the passage to be memorized.

Psalm 23 magnet

This comes 4 to a page and should be printed on magnetic paper. If that is not available, print it on cardstock and put a magnet on the back. Give to the students to take home and put on their fridge. Encourage them to look at it frequently during the week.

Psalm 23 puzzlePsalm 23 puzzle

These should be printed back to back on card stock. Cut the strips apart and put in an envelope. It's a good idea to mark each strip with a colored pencil (one color per child). That way, if the strips get mixed up on the table during class they can easily be sorted. Let the students put the strips in order (looking at the words only). After they are satisfied that they got it right, they can carefully turn each strip over. If they are correct, they will see the picture. Punch holes in the envelope and put it in the notebook with the rest of the papers.

Psalm 23 sign

This is what I put on the Hide It In Your Heart wall. Each heart should have a Psalm or other passage we've memorized by the end of the year. I didn't put it in the heart until most of the class had memorized the passage. Each child that memorized the passage got to sign the heart.

Memory Notebook Cover

This is the cover for the notebook that was slid in the see-thru cover on the front.

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