Sunday, March 22, 2009

Solomon Asks for Wisdom

Today's lesson is one of my favorite. I would try to visualize the whole scene when I was younger. I understood how the mother of the live baby wouldn't want it to die but I never could understand how the other mother would want the live baby to die either. What good would it do to kill the baby. The nature of these women had something to do with that. They definitely weren't your typical loving wives and moms that had just run on a little bit of bad luck. They were harlots. Solomon, in his wisdom, knew that they lacked natural affection and that covetousness had taken hold of the mother of the dead baby.

Wednesday night we had a great class. We started class with an overall review of the Bible up to where we have studied. I try to do this at least once a month. It's so important to keep the total picture in front of the kids. They need to know why the things that are happening are happening. The kids really enjoy doing this but it can take forever if I let it. I have to remind them that we are doing the quick review.

Lesson Plan:

Review: Briefly review the reign of David concentrating on the latter part that leads to Solomon's reign.

The lesson: Spend a few minutes talking about wisdom -- what it is/why we want it/how to get it. Tell the story of Solomon's wisdom and the story of the 2 women/1 baby.

Sing: The First Three Kings -- This one isn't online yet. I still haven't added it. I hope to soon.
We want a king

Wall of Faith: Let them take turns putting the name cards either on the wall of faith or in the pocket of shame. We can add Solomon today.

Memory work: Read Psalm 23 together. We should be finishing up Psalm 23 tonight. We didn't have time to do this Wednesday night. Finish up today if possible.

Sing: The Love of God
If there is time let them choose songs from the songbook they'd like to sing.

Worship Notes: Pass out worship notes and Danny's sermon notes. Most of the kids seem to enjoy doing this. I've gotten some really interesting pictures on the back. One little boy always draws a picture about what we studied in class instead of something about the sermon.

Prayer: Have any students that would like to say a prayer.

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