Saturday, February 28, 2009

Uzzah Dies, David Provides for Mephibosheth -- 2 Samue 1-10

My last lesson plan says that I will teach about Saul dying on Wednesday evening. As it turned out, I had forgotten that because of our gospel meeting last week we would not be having Bible classes on Wednesday evening. That means that in our lesson in the morning I need to talk about Saul dying before I get to the day's lesson. This Wednesday evening is our regular monthly singing so we won't be having class then either. I'm going to have to do some heavy duty teaching tomorrow.

I plan on using the Abeka Cards about the tabernacle. I want to review the making of the tabernacle with the students so they will understand the significance of Uzzah touching the Ark of the Covenant. This lesson naturally leads into an application of how we are to obey God regardless of what we think the best thing to do is. I will also take the opportunity to discuss how we should obey others in authority with the same respect. Back when we studied about how Eli sons took the ark to battle with the Philistines, I told the class that they needed to remember that the ark did not return to its rightful place. This is the story about the ark being returned.

I will also need to talk to the students about Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son. Jonathan had made David promise to care for his family. This is where David makes good on his promise.

Lesson Plan:

Review: Using the Abeka Cards, remind the students about Moses making the Tabernacle and what it meant to the Israelites. Remind them where the ark is at the time 1 Samuel opens up.

The lesson: Tell the story of David moving the Ark of the Covenant and the death of Uzzah. Also talk about Mephibosheth.

Sing: The First Three Kings -- This one isn't online yet. I'll try to add it in a couple of days.
We want a king

Wall of Faith: Let them take turns putting the name cards either on the wall of faith or in the pocket of shame. We are adding Uzzah and Mephiboshet today.

Memory work: Read Psalm 23 together.

Sing: The Love of God

Worship Notes: Pass out new worship notes and encourage the kids to take notes.

Prayer: Have any students that would like to say a prayer.

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Roan said...

Hey Diana,
No it was not my girls who made the scarves. Hope you can find out who did. Please email when you have the time....I would like to have your recommendations on history and writing curr. for 9-12th grade. I am leaning towards a textbook for history....just need some guidance. I am using IEW, but just wondered what you have used.