Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saul Fights the Amalekites -- 1 Samuel 15

Tonight we will talk about how Saul disobeyed God again when fighting the Amalekites. Again Saul takes it upon himself to do what he wants to do. He disobeyed God by not comletely destroying all of the Amalekites. He saved king Agag and the animals that he thought would be good to use for sacrifices. It is a sad story because Samuel tells him that he will never see him again.

Lesson Plan:

Review: Review the story of Saul so far.

The lesson: Talk about Saul fighting the Amalekites

Sing: The First Three Kings -- This one isn't online yet. I'll try to add it in a couple of days.

Wall of Faith: Let them take turns putting the name cards either on the wall of faith or in the pocket of shame.

Memory work: Read Psalm 23 together. Copy the third section in their notebooks.

Singing: Sing The Love of God

Worship Notes: Review the worship notes they brought back from Sunday.

Prayer: I lead and prayer and class was dismissed.

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