Saturday, January 10, 2009

God Speaks To Samuel

Last week's lesson went as planned. We didn't have class on Wednesday evening due to our monthly singing. I really like the singings but this past Wednesday I couldn't sing. At least I couldn't sing like I normally do. I'm an alto -- a pretty low alto. Well, I have been sick with a sore throat and this caused my voice to lower at least a 3rd. I was having trouble singing alto because it was going too high so I sang tenor. I was able to sing an E below middle C. That's low for me. Well, this isn't supposed to be about music I just thought I'd share...

Today, Jill and I spent a few hours at the building getting the room decorated. We did a little of that last week but we worked mostly on cleaning and organizing not decorating. Since we'll be teaching this class Sunday AM and Wednesday PM for the entire year it seemed like a good idea to decorate with something that could be added to all year long instead of having to change it completely every quarter.

We have a Wall of Faith on one wall. On this wall we'll add pictures of people that we study that exhibit faith in God. Off to one side we have a pocket of shame. In this pocket will go pictures of people that do not exhibit faith in God.

On another wall we have the words "Hide It In Your Heart". Under the words are 8 hearts. Our plan is to memorize 8 passages of scripture throughout the year. As we get one memorized, we'll put a picture and where the scripture is found on a heart. For instance, the first heart will have Psalm 23 with a picture of a sheep. Hopefully by the end of the year, all the hearts will have something on them.

Lesson Plan:

Review Bible story. Briefly review Bible story using pictures on white board.

Tell the story of Hannah praying for Samuel and God fulfilling her request briefly and then add the part about God talking to Samuel.

Wall of Faith: I don't have the pictures ready for this yet. We'll add to it Wednesday night as a review.

Do Pocket Book Activity: This week's pocket book page has 4 pockets -- one for God, one for Samuel, one for Eli and one for Eli's sons. I have strips of paper that the students will read and decide who read or said it and put it in the appropriate pocket. This pocket page has already been glued to the back of last week's pocket page.

Memory Work: I finally have notebooks for the students memory work. Tomorrow, we'll just read the Psalm 23 out loud together. I want to do the copy work in their notebooks on Wednesday nights when we have more time.

Song Leading: Last week I just had everyone make a down beat with each beat we sang (I hope that makes sense). I want them to learn to feel the beat with what we're singing. We'll do the same tomorrow (with Did You Think To Pray). Hopefully I can begin showing them some better hand movements soon.

Worship Notes: I passed the worship notes out and explained exactly what I wanted the students to do. I'm not too sure they fully understood. One of the girls said her grandmother said she could do it home. I may need to have a talk with the parents. We'll try it again tomorrow and see if we get anywhere. Last week I had to go home right after class to tend to my sick son so I didn't get to mention it to any of the parents before the worship service started. That's probably what I need to do.

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