Saturday, October 11, 2008

Joshua Sends Spies to Jericho

Tomorrow's lesson is a little out of order. We should've talked about this before we talked about crossing the Jordan. We'll start with today's lesson and then review last week's. Hopefully I haven't messed the kids up too bad.

I made cheat sheets for Betty Lukens' Felts for these stories. They sure make putting the lessons together a lot easier. If you ever want to make them, they are easy to do if you have a digital camera, can crop a photo and can use a program like Print Master. Each cheat sheet has a picture of the picture as I want to present it, a list of the pieces used and a brief summary of the story.

I also built a wall with wooden blocks to represent Jericho. We'll keep it intact tomorrow and use it for the great destruction next week. I'll try to get a picture of it for next time.

I bought a plastic ark of the covenant from Wal-mart. It is in the Raider's of the lost Ark section of the toy store. It doesn't have the carrying poles but it is a really nice visual to use in class. I plan on using for a specific activity next week, but this week I'll just let them hold it while we talk about crossing the Jordan River.

My lesson Plan:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me

Review some of the events of the last quarter. Especially sending the 12 spies in. Remind them that Joshua was one of those spies.

Sing: 12 Spies

Review about the death of Moses and how God chose Joshua to be the new leader using the Betty Lukens Felts.

Sing: Joshua

Tell story of the spies and Rahab using the Betty Lukens Felts and the wooden block Jericho. Let the kids decide which window should be Rahab's and let them put the scarlet cord in the window.

Review the crossing of the Jordan using the Betty Lukens Felts. Let them see the ark. Talk about what was stored in it and what it meant to the Israelites. Remind them about the monument that was built with the 12 stones.

Attendance Chart: Add a stone to the monument.

Sing: Dare To Stand Like Joshua using flip chart


Sing favorite songs