Friday, June 27, 2008

Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead

It is already Friday. We've had a wonderful VBS week. Of the 8 kids I had sign-up for my class, I had 7 on most days. We've had some sickness floating around, there was a new baby born, and one of the little boys had his tonsils out last week. We were hoping he could come some, but he's taking a little while to recover.

I think my kids have learned quite a bit. They know what the 7 I AMs are talked about in John: I am the vine, I am the good shepherd, I am the light of the world, I am the bread of life, I am the door, I am the way the truth and the life and I am the resurrection. The I Am wall was a big hit. I'll get a picture on here of it as soon as I recover from today.

The kids also know what 7 miracles are recorded in John: Water to Wine, Nobleman's Son, Lame Man healed at pool of Bethesda, 5000 Fed, Jesus Walks on Water, Blind Man Healed, Lazarus Raised.

Some of the classes are including Jesus' resurrection in that list and are talking about it today. I chose to talk about it everyday with 3 activities I put together for the kids. I wanted them to really understand that all these things were done so "that you may believe". Knowing that some people don't necessarily know what they are to believe in, I wanted my kids to be sure they understood that they are to believe that Jesus is the son of God, that he died, was buried, arose and lives in Heaven.

They can all tell you all of the things mentioned above. Now, whether or not they can do it next week or 6 months from now, time will only tell. But they can now.

After VBS today, we'll take all the kids to the park down the street. The ladies of the congregation have prepared a picnic for all of us. This is so nice for so many reasons. It gives the kids a chance to play together. As you can tell from reading these lesson plans, our VBS is not play time. It gives the teachers a chance to sit and relax for a little bit while someone else does the work. And it gives the other ladies in the congregation that don't feel comfortable teaching a way to help out with the VBS. We all look forward to it.

Yesterday, at the end of class, my class was treated to a skit the 9/10 year old class put together. They had some costumes and acted out the story of the blind man in the activities room. This room has a village scene on the walls which was a great back drop for the story. The older kids did a great job and my kids really enjoyed it. It was fairly impromptu. They had a simple prepared script, but the kids did not have much practice time. I was quite impressed with some of their acting abilities.

Lesson Plan:

Activities Room: We have a large tomb in the room that we'll use to talk about burial traditions of the time.

Classroom: We've been sitting on the floor, but we brought another table in yesterday so we could spread out a little. That pretty much took up our floor room. If everyone shows up, we'll sit at the table, if we have a couple missing, we'll take the table out and sit on the floor again.

I Believe glovesI
Review previous miracles
Tell story of Lazarus using book Miracles and Wonders. I've used this book 3 times this week. It has very accurate text and I really like the pictures.

Move to tables: Uncover 7th picture. Sing: That You May Believe while student points to each miracle. I'll need to let each one of them do this at some point in the class today since all the pictures are uncovered.

Pass out pop-up books. These pop-up books are now complete with the covers on them. Review each of the stories and then retell (or let the kids retell) the story of Lazarus. Let the kids glue Lazarus inside the tomb. Let them put their pop-up book in their backpack. The backpacks came from Oriental Trading company. They can either be used as a backpack or as a drawstring bag. We put an iron-on transfer that is similar to the book cover on the backpack. I need to remember to have backpacks hanging on the back of their chairs before class.

Attendance Chart: I want to do this earlier in class than normal so the glue will have a chance to dry before they take them home.

Take bathroom break

Pass out I believe card rings. Review these with them and let them put them in their backpacks.

Review I Am wall. Let each kid go to the wall and say the I Am's as they point to the appropriate picture.

Talk about the last I Am: I am the way, the truth, the life.

Pass out I Am books and let them put all the pictures in the correct pocket. Let them put the I Am books in their backpacks.

Pass out I believe Story wheels. After reviewing them, let them put them in their backpacks.

Let them put the I believe gloves in their backpacks as well as their Jesus walking on the water activity.

I made a CD of all the songs we sang in VBS. I originally made it for the teachers so they could learn the songs, but decided the kids might enjoy a copy also. I added the other Bible class songs I've written. I figured, since there was more room on the CD it might as well be full. Pass them out (one per family) and let them put them in their backpacks.

Take the attendance charts off the wall and let them put them in their backpacks.

Spend the rest of class time singing their favorite songs. If there's still some kids that didn't get to sing That you May believe as they point to the miracles, do it now.