Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Blind Man is Healed

Today's lesson just has one miracle. We've had 2 for the past 2 days. There is so much review to do each day that one lesson will be just right. We'll be talking about being blind in the activities room. I'm going to take a couple of pieces of fabric and let any kids that want to be blindfolded and see what it's like. I wish I had gotten hold of some braille before class. I would like to talk to them about the differences in being blind now and being blind back then.

Yesterday, the kids really enjoyed trying to walk on the water in the little pool. It was kind of surprising to me that most, if not all, of them did not know the difference between the words "in" and "on". Even the most verbal one of the bunch had to have it explained to her. If you don't know the difference between "in" and "on", the miracle of Jesus walking on the water doesn't make much sense. As one little girl said, "I walked on the water at the beach." It is so important to be aware of what your class understands. You may be going on about one thing and they have a totally different thing in their mind because they don't have the vocabulary to understand all the little details of the English language.

We will be looking at two "I am...'s" today. One is "I am the light of the world". This is represented on the I AM wall by a candle in the window of the house. The other is "I am the door". This is represented by the door of the house on the I AM wall.

Lesson Plan:

Activities Room

Sit on floor for Bible story. Let kids look at their I Believe gloves to remind them what the miracles found in John are to help them believe. Review previous miracles, tell story of blind man.

Tables: As they are settling down, uncover 6th picture on wall. Let kids that want to take turns pointing to pictures as we sing That You May Believe.

Pass out Pop-up books. Review each of the previous stories again as they look through their pop-up book. Then, let them slide the eyes of the blind man back and forth to see him go from blind (with mud on his eyes) to seeing.

Take a bathroom break

Return to class and sit at tables.

Pass out I Believe card rings. These are cards that have pictures just like on the I Believe glove. They are attached by rings. They are another way to remind them what we are to believe.

Review what we've learned about the "I am..." wall. Let each child go to the wall and point to each picture and say, "I am the vine, I am the door, etc." Sing I Am together.

Pass out I am books. Let the kids put all the pictures in the correct pockets. We just have one pocket that doesn't have a picture by now. We'll get that picture tomorrow.

Pass out I believe story wheels. This is another reminder of what we are to believe. Using the same pictures as the glove and the card rings, this story wheel will just emphasize the importance of it one more time.

Attendance Chart

Sing until time for class to end.