Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Quarter -- Joshua

I begin a new quarter teaching the 5/6 year olds. I taught them last quarter and never seemed to get a handle on the whole thing. I hadn't had a quarter like that in quite a while. It doesn't seem like my 6 month break from teaching was all that profitable. Or maybe it was that I went on 2 trips one of which was to take my 17 year old to college -- out of state -- way over there in Florida. Whatever the reason, I'm going to do better this quarter.

I also plan on finishing my posts about Marking Your Bible. There is just one more to do. We finished it in ladies' Bible class. I just haven't had the time to put it on here. When I get it on, I hope to have bookmarks that you can't print off and use as cheat sheets in your studies.

Our first lesson is about crossing the Jordan river. My co-teacher and I have changed up the lessons a little bit to fit the needs of the students. Right off the bat we messed up by putting the lesson about crossing the Jordan before the lesson about Rahab. Our lessons are as follows:

Crossing the Jordan

The attendance chart we have decided to use is adding a stone (for a total of 12) to build the memorial Joshua was supposed to build after crossing the Jordan. We'll use this attendance chart through 12 classes. Then we'll change to something else.

We are going to sing Dare To Stand Like Joshua by PP Bilhorn each class. I made a flip chart for this song using color pictures from Bible Stories to Color and Tell. The song can be found in Hymns For Worship #480.

We are also going to sing the new song I wrote about Joshua. I don't have it one the website yet but hope to soon. It's a very short and simple song. The words are:

I will be strong like Joshua.
I will be brave like Joshua
I will serve God like Joshua.
I will be strong, I will be brave, I will serve God.

I found a cute little booklet in the same Bible Stories to Color and Tell that helps tell the story of crossing the Jordan. There was also a coloring page I'll use tomorrow. I'm not usually one to pass out coloring pages for use during class but I thought this was a good one and I need all the help I can get tomorrow.

My Lesson Plan:

Talk about what it means to be strong and brave. I'm really going to have to work hard to keep this subject off of superheroes. My 5 year old is obsessed with superheroes. I hope to direct conversation towards Bible people that were strong and brave and possibly their parents or other real friends.

Sing: Joshua

Review the story of Moses crossing the Red Sea. Remind them that Moses died and God chose Joshua to take his place.

Discuss the crossing of the Jordan River.

Pass out booklet and let them help retell the story. Take booklets back up to be given back to them after class.

Sing: Dare To Stand Like Joshua using flip chart.

Pass out coloring sheet. While they are coloring discuss the story again, sing the 2 new songs again. One of the pictures in the Dare To Stand Like Joshua flip chart is the coloring picture they are going to be coloring. They will probably like to look at the finished one as they color.

Attendance Chart: Let them put their first stone on the attendance chart.

As time allows: Review OT books using flannel chart on wall or individual sets of cards at table. Sing songs that the children choose. They are still wanting to sing songs from our VBS this summer. We'll probably be singing a couple of those.

Prayer before last bell rings.

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I'm so glad you're posting again I was worried the hurricane had something to do with your absence nice to know it was just normal stuff