Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is probably one of the best loved stories for a group of kids that are 5 -6 years old. We will be reviewing a lot from the previous two lessons today. Then we'll add the "rest of the story" so to speak. I plan on helping the kids make trumpets from gold paper. Baically it will just be a piece of paper rolled into a cone shape. We have small wooden block to build and destroy Jericho with. We'll be using the flannel graph and singing the songs we sang last week.

My lesson plan:

Sing We Worship God using picture cards as a manipulative. The picture cards are picture I found in one of the coloring books that depict each part of worship.

Review the last few lessons. I've been doing this by reading it out of the Bible Story book in the classroom. Sing the 12 spies song.

Attendance Charts: Let them add another stone to their chart.

Use the flannel graph to tell the story of Joshua. We'll start with him becoming the new leader to the fall of Jericho.

Sing the Joshua song.

Help the children build Jericho on the table with the wooden blocks. Be sure to remember to leave a scarlet cord hanging from one of the windows. Help the children make paper trumpets.

Let children reenact the Jericho, marching around the table with their horns. One of them can carry the small ark.

After the destruction of Jericho sing The Walls Came Tumbling Down from the hymnal.

If there's time, sing songs of the children's choice and/or review books of the OT.

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