Sunday, October 26, 2008

Achan -- Joshua Review

This is our last week to study Joshua. Next week we begin the Judges. Today we'll mostly review what we've learned so far and then add the story of Achan. Through the study of Joshua we have collected some small objects that represent the story:

Small plastic ark from Raiders of the lost Ark action figure set

Wooden blocks to represent the city of Jericho
Rock to represent monument built after crossing Jordan River
Scarlet Cord to represent story of Rahab.

I wanted to add a small trumpet but couldn't find one. I know I probably have one in our Christmas decorations but I was not going to dig those out. I need to put a small trumpet on my list of Bible class things to look for when shopping so I'll one next time.

I plan on putting these objects in a bag and letting the children reach in and choose one. They will then get to tell me about the story the object represents.

My Lesson Plan:

My plan is basically the same as last week with the addition of the story of Achan and the activity mentioned above.

Sing We Worship God using picture cards as a manipulative. The picture cards are picture I found in one of the coloring books that depict each part of worship.

Review the last few lessons. I've been doing this by reading it out of the Bible Story book in the classroom. Sing the 12 spies song.

Attendance Charts: Let them add another stone to their chart.

Use the flannel graph to tell the story of Joshua. We'll start with him becoming the new leader to the fall of Jericho.

Sing the Joshua song.

Help the children build Jericho on the table with the wooden blocks. Be sure to remember to leave a scarlet cord hanging from one of the windows. Help the children make paper trumpets.

Let them help knock the walls down. Remind them how it was God that did this to Jericho.

After the destruction of Jericho sing The Walls Came Tumbling Down from the hymnal.

Tell the story of Achan -- how he stole the devoted things and what his punishment was.

Do object activity mentioned above.

If there's time, sing songs of the children's choice and/or review books of the OT.


Becky Welch said...

I am so glad you found us!! You have great ideas! I have added you to our list so others can visit you as well!!!

Sandy said...

I have visited your blog before. You do a great job and I have used your blog when looking for ideas for bible class. Thanks for sharing with us!