Monday, July 07, 2008

Wilderness Wanderings -- The Levitical Priesthood

I've had 6 months off of my teaching duties. Sunday I started back again with the 5/6 year old class. It is going to be a small class (2 regular students) plus whatever visitors come our way. We are blessed to be at a congregation that has many visitors. Yesterday, we had one in class.

We are starting off learning about the Wilderness Wanderings. One of the downfalls of us studying a different series of lessons in the pre-school class is that when they move up to the 5/6 year old class, they are stepping right into the middle of something they aren't familiar with. Last week they were studying Jonah, this week they are studying about the Levitical Priesthood. That's a challenge. I decided to spend most of class time talking about our worship today. I will be subbing for the Wednesday night teacher this Wednesday and plan to get more into some of what they did back in Moses' day.

My objectives for this quarter are:

*Memorize the Old Testament books
*Be able to tell in detail who the following people are: Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Caleb, Balak, and Balaam.
*Learn about and understand the following character traits: Obedience, trust, thankfulness, respect for authority...
*I know there will be a memory verse, I just haven't come up with it yet.

Since I forgot to write out a lesson plan, I'll just record what we did in class.

Lesson Plan:

Review: I reviewed a little about Jonah, then briefly discussed some things about Moses that I knew they had studied several months ago.

We used worship cards I made by scanning appropriate color sheets from Thru-the-Bible Coloring Pages, coloring them, resizing them to about 5" square to review what we do during worship. There was a picture of a family walking into a church building, a picture of children singing from songbooks, a picture of a family praying, a picture of little boy putting a coin in the collection plate, a picture of children listen to the teacher read from the Bible and a picture of the Lord's Supper table.

I read Bethany Learns About The Lord's Supper.

We used the picture cards I bought years and years ago to discuss behavior in worship.

We reviewed the first 5 books of the Old Testament. We have a picture card for each book. There is a large set for class use and then each child has trading size cards for individual use. I laid the large set out (5 cards in all) in front of them on the table in order. They then took their 5 smaller cards and tried to put them in order.

We played memory with the smaller cards. I took 2 of the sets of small cards and turned them upside down on the table. The kids loved matching the 2 that were alike.

Our attendance chart this quarter is a bunch of grapes. Yesterday, it was just a wooden stem with a couple of leaves. Every time they come to class, they'll get to add a grape to their picture. Both of the regulars are very regular. They should have quite a nice size bunch of grapes when we're through.


Evie said...

Good class! We're studying the exact same thing in my class (elementary age) -- our memory verse is Deut. 6:3-6. I broke it up into phrases and drew little stick figures of a parent teaching his children while they are walking, while they are lying down, as they rise up, in their house ..... you get the idea. We're emphasizing how important it is for parents to teach their children about God, how much their parents love them and how they show it by teaching them, and how when they grow up they will need to teach their own children. Once the students can put the cards with the phrases and the stick figures in order, then they put the cards without stick figures in order, then they can say it for me.

Diana Dow said...

That's perfect. I taught this series of lessons to this age about 6 years ago. That was before I was keeping regular lesson plans. I knew we had a really good memory verse and couldn't remember what it was. You just reminded me. It was Deut 6:3-6. I'll have to incorporate that into my lessons. Thanks.