Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More On the Levitical Priesthood

Tonight I will be subbing for the other teacher of 5/6 year old class. We follow the Amplified Bible Curriculum. All of our classes beginning with the 5/6 year old class on up to adults are following the same schedule. Wednesday evening classes study the same thing as Sunday AM. The teachers can divide up the material anyway they see fit. Tonight, we will continue talking about worship. We'll also introduce the idea of a high priest and talk about some of their duties and what their clothing looked like.

Thanks to Evie who left a comment on my last entry, I now have an excellent memory verse for the quarter. I won't start it tonight because we have so much to do, but starting Sunday AM we'll be learning Deut 6:4-8.

Lesson Plan:

Review: Review lessons from Moses' life using pictures from Beginner's Bible Cards.

High Priest -- Show picture of high priest (from same cards as above). Talk about some of his duties and point out the interesting parts of his clothing. Put together paper doll of the high priest. The paper doll was given to me by the other teacher. I'm not sure where she got it, but it is really neat. Make ephod for children to take home. The ephod is basically a piece of 5"x5" yellow card stock with holes punched at the top for a string to go around the neck. The students will glue 12 different gems in neat rows (hopefully) on the ephod. We'll talk about the stones representing each of the 12 tribes.

Worship: Using the worship cards from last week, review the different things we do to worship God. There are now enough sets of cards for each student to have his own. Let them tell me about the Lord's Supper (we read the Bethany book last week). Then read Bethany Learns About Prayer.

Review behavior in worship using the cards we used last week.

Old Testament Books: Go over the 1st 5 books of the OT. See if they can put their own sets in order. I made a large "Bible" to go on the wall. It is a black poster board with white felt glued to the center cut in the shape of pages of an open book. I put velcro on the back of a small set of OT cards. The students will get to see if they can put the 5 books in order on the large "Bible". If their interest is high, I'll add a 2 or 3 more books.

Play memory with 2 small sets and as many books as we got to tonight.

Put a grape on their attendance chart.

Let the students choose a song or 2 to sing.

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