Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nobleman's Son and Lame Man Healed

The first day of VBS is always a little stressful. This one was no different, but the stress was unfounded. The morning went great. We had 7 in our class of 5 and 6 year olds. There are 8 signed up, but one was had his tonsils out last week and probably won't get to come until the end of the week.

The theme of our VBS is -- That You May Believe. We are studying the 7 miracles as recorded in the book of John. The passage found in John 20 says, "But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name" (20:31). We are also taking a look at the "I am..." phrases mentioned in John. Some of the older classes are including the witnesses to Jesus mentioned in John.

Here is the schedule:

Monday: Water to Wine (I am the vine)
Tuesday: Nobleman's Son and Lame Man Healed (I am the good shepherd)
Wednesday: Feeding the 5000 and Walking on the Water (I am the bread of life)
Thursday: Blind Man Healed (I am the light of the world)
Friday: Lazarus Raised (I am the door and I am the way, the truth and the life)

Our first day we studied Jesus turning the water into wine and "I am the vine". My lesson plan (in my previous post) was pretty sketchy. I'll try to do better from now on. I haven't taught class in 6 months. It's amazing how rusty I had gotten. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll have gotten up to speed. I'll be teaching again starting in July, so I definitely need to get moving again.

In years past, we've had an art room we took the kids to each day. One of our ladies here is the high school art teacher and really enjoys doing this for VBS. She has tried to make the art relate to the lesson we were studying. This year, she had to be out of town, so we are without an art room. Instead, we're using the same room as an activities room. Our wonderful art teacher decorated it before she left and we go there each day to get a little taste of the manners and customs of the day. The room has a tomb for Lazarus to come out of, a village scene with a few building fronts, a corner for a wedding feast and palm trees placed around to give a feeling of being outside.

Yesterday, we went to the "wedding feast" corner and talked about weddings. We talked about wine and let the kids crush grapes to make their own grape juice. Today, we'll go to the village corner where there is a square of blue cloth on the floor. This will be our pool of Bethesda. We'll sit around the pool and talk about what would happen there when the angel came. We'll talk about what it was like to be unable to walk back then.

Lesson Plan:

Go to activities room after meeting in auditorium. Do activities mentioned above.

Go to classroom and sit on the floor.

Pass out I Believe gloves. These are gloves that are used to take a shower with. There are 5 pieces to be stuck to each finger with the loopy side of velcro. The pictures are of Jesus' crucifixion, burial, resurrection and ascension. The last is a rectangle with the words -- I believe. We'll talk about what miracles are and the reason for miracles. We'll talk about what the miracles are to help us believe.

Sing: That You May Believe -- this is a song I wrote for this VBS. I'll try to get it put on line soon.

Review yesterday's lesson using flip chart pictures. Sing: This Beginning of Miracles and Jesus Turned the Water Into Wine. Both of these songs are by Bettye Locklair and can be heard by following the links.

Tell today's story using flip chart pictures. Then read the story from the Bible.

Uncover 2nd picture on wall.

Go to table and pass out pop-up books. Let kids glue Nobleman's son in place. Take up pop-up books.

Give the kids a restroom break. This will not only get them moving a little but will help them keep the 2 miracles we'll be studying separate in their minds.

Go back to the floor and tell the story of the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.

Uncover 3rd picture on wall.

Go to table and pass out pop-up books again. Let the kids glue the lame man in their book.

Sing: Rise Take Up Thy Bed -- another song by Bettye Locklair

Take a few minutes to help them decorate cards for Adam. Talk to them about how Jesus was able to heal the sick. We can't heal the sick, but we can help them feel better by doing things for them when they're sick.

Read sheep/shepherd flip chart. This is a flip chart I made for a previous class. It sure was nice to still have it and to know where it was when I needed it.

Now that they know about the shepherds talk to them about Jesus saying, "I am the good shepherd". Point out the shepherd on the "I am..." wall. Pass out "I am..." books and let them put the shepherd's staff in the appropriate place.

Sing: I Am -- This is another song I wrote that I'll try to put online soon.

Pass out I believe "cards on a ring". These are the same pictures as the glove. Talk to them again about what the miracles were for and what we are to believe.

If there is time left, sing some songs that they choose.

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