Monday, June 23, 2008

Jesus Turns the Water Into Wine

Our 2008 VBS starts this morning. I'll come back and give more details but I need to write down a lesson plan.

Lesson Plan:

Meet together in auditorium

Go with 3/4 year old class to the actiivities room. There will be a small wedding set up where we'll talk about what weddings are for and what happens at them. There will also be some grapes that we'll use for teaching about how wine was made. We'll let the kids squeeze their own grapes and make grape juice.

Go to the class room and sit on the floor. Talk about what a miracle is. Sing: What is a miracle?

Read the story of the water to wine from the book MIracles and Wonders.

Read story again from the Bible

Sing: This Beginning of Miracles

Go to table

Pass out 1st page of pop-up book and review story.

Uncover first poster on wall

Sing: That You May Believe

Talk about the I am wall. Specifically discuss the vine.

Go on walk outside to see a tomato vine.

Return to class room and sit at table.

Pass out I am book and let them put the grapes in the appropriate pocket

Sing: I AM

Put first piece on attendance chart.

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