Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jesus Feeds 5000 and walks on the Water

This is the third day of our VBS. I had a couple of kids missing yesterday. One was at the hospital while her aunt had a baby. I'm not sure where the other was. We had a good class anyway. My youngest is in my class. I haven't taught him in a year and a half. He was acting up a little yesterday. It could be that I'm the teacher, but I think it may be that his regular teachers are letting him get by with things I wouldn't let him get by with. I'll be his regular teacher starting in July, so he'd better watch out. :)

Today in the activities room, we'll have a cloth spread on the floor. We'll sit down with kids picnic style and talk about what the people ate when they were traveling back in Jesus' days. This is an introduction to Jesus feeding the 5000. I have some loaves of bread to pass around. I wasn't brave enough to bring any fish. We'll just have to imagine that part.

Later in the class, after we've talked about Jesus walking on the water, we'll take a walk outside to a small wading pool that is set up. The kids are going to see if they can walk on the water. I really don't expect many of my kids to want to get their feet wet. We've got quite a bit of timid kids. Maybe we can plan on being out there when the next class is there. They are anything but timid.

Later on in class we will talk about "I am the bread of life".

Lesson Plan:

Activites room: do activity explained above

Classroom: Sit on floor for miracle review, I believe glove and story of Jesus feeding the 5000

Table: Pop-up book page for feeding 5000. Uncover 4th poster

Bathroom Break

Classroom: sit at table and tell story of Jesus walking on water. Pop-up Book page for walking on water

Outside: walk to pool to attempt to walk on water

Classroom: sit at table for I am book, review I am wall, read bread flip chart, pass out I am books and place pictures in appropriate place

Attendance Chart

Sing until time for class to end.

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