Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The First Journey Continues -- Acts 13:13 and following

As the first journey continues, Paul and Barnabas are in Antioch. They first talk with the Jews in the synagogue, but after being rejected take their message to the Gentiles. The sermon Paul preaches in the synagogue in Antioch again reminds the Jews of their history and how Christ is the one that was promised long ago. I hope to, again, impress on the students the whole story and how it fits into God's plan.

I was asked about the Unknown God that I keep referring to. This is the sermon in Acts 17 that Paul preaches to the Athenians. It is a wonderful sermon for the kids (and anyone else) to memorize. If you ever find yourself doubting who God is, this is the place to go. Paul had a wonderful opportunity to use what the Athenians knew -- idolatry -- and teach what they needed to know. He told them that the God they worshiped without knowing -- the unknown God -- was the one and only God.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations:
Spend some time in stations

Acts cards -- Review the Acts cards.

Introduction to lesson: Quickly review the whole story starting from creation. This will set up the sermon that Paul preached in Antioch.

Today's lesson: After review of the beginning of the journey, continue with the events that happened in Antioch.

Paul's Journey Station: Go over the events in the first journey.

Project Folders -- I haven't gotten to spend as much time on the mission and organization of the church as I would have liked. I hope to spend some time tonight helping them with this station and this part of their project folders.

Sing: If there's time let them choose a song to sing.