Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pictures -- At Last

I didn't get a lesson plan on the blogged for Sunday's lesson. We studied about the baptism of Jesus. Since I didn't have a lesson plan, I really didn't feel like I did it justice. We'll have to a do a very good review this Sunday.

Tonight our congregation has its monthly singing. That means no class. Now, I love teaching Bible class, but this monthly break is wonderful. I love to sing with my brethren.

Since we aren't having class, I thought I would show you some pictures of what the classroom looks like. So, here it goes:

This is a picture of half of the classroom. There are 8 stations in all. While we are going over new lesson material, reviewing memory work or singing, the chairs are turned around and everyone sits in a circle. Several of the kids get to class as much as 20 minutes early. They come on to class and get to work at one of the stations. I'm glad they get this extra time because our class periods are not very long.

Each of the stations have a poster that are pictured below. The poster gives the basic information and the passage to be memorized. On the floor next to each station there is a plastic file tote. Each station has folder and envelope activites to help the child memorize the passage and understand its meaning.

The posters were bought at a teacher's supply store. They had this cute design in several different variations. All I did was to print out the information I wanted on the computer and glue them on.