Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paul Meets With The Ephesian Elders -- Acts 20

This lesson plan is being posted after the fact. I had some scribbles written on a piece of paper for class this morning. Now, I'll get to say what really happened, not what I want to happen.

We had 13 students in class this morning. We also had 3 adults. One of our new Christians wanted to come observe class this morning. Plus, I had my regular helper. It was crowded, but everyone behaved and we had a good class.

Since Paul was going to meet with the elders in Miletus, we reviewed who the elders were and what their job was. We read the passage in 1 Timothy where Paul tells Timothy how to select elders. We also read 1 Pet 5:2 where Peter talks to elders about their responsibilities. Last quarter one of our stations was devoted to the organization and mission of the church. We talked about the elders then, so this was mostly a review.

I didn't feel like I had said everything I wanted to about the elders (no lesson plan), at the moment, couldn't figure out what I had left out. Next week, while we're reviewing the lesson from today, I'll talk to them about the elders on a more personal level. We talked about who our elders are, but I want them to know how much these elders care for them. I want them to feel like they can go talk to the elders about anything. We're a pretty small congregation, so they know the elders, so this isn't a real problem here. I want the students to know that the elders have a special interest in their souls and want them to go to Heaven.

We added the next 2 sections of The Roll Call of Faith: These all died in faith, not having received the promises.... and Abraham soujourned in a land of promise....

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations: Half of the class was already there when I got to class and I was 15 minutes early. They worked at their stations until time for class to start.

Acts cards -- We introduced Acts 20 card and reviewed all of the rest. Several of them are very good at knowing what happened in each chapter of Acts. That's something they can take and use the rest of their lives.

Today's lesson: After talking to the kids about elders, we talked about Paul meeting with the elders at Miletus. We talked about how close he was to them and how sad they all were when he left. We talked about his warnings of problems that were ahead for them. We then read the passage from Acts 20.

Project Folders: Read the Roll Call of Faith and discuss sections 7 and 8

If there's time review another memory passage from their project folder.


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AMomof2 said...

I found your blog while looking for a song about David for LTC. I was interested to see your link to a Church of Christ. Is that where your family worships?

My husband is the minister of a Church of Christ in Oklahoma.

I'll be excited to search your Bible Class ideas. Thank you for taking the time to share.

I was curious about the pictures I saw of a book about the steps of salvation. Is that something I can download?