Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paul is Arrested -- Acts 22 and 23

Oops! I forgot to post a lesson plan Sunday. It was probably for the best. I wouldn't have followed it anyway. We had 14 students in class again. I was hoping to get further into Paul's arrest in Jerusalem, but I didn't. It was probably for the best. We stopped just short of chapter 23.

Our lesson Sunday started in Acts 21:15. We talked about the events leading up to Paul's arrest and what happened shortly after. We read from Acts 21:15 -22:29. When we got to Paul's defense (chapter 22 verse 3) I asked them if they had heard this story before. Most of them shook their heads yes. When we got verse 20 where Paul talks about his part in stoning Stephen, I asked them if they remembered what chapter Stephen is found in. Most of them said chapter 7. They're learning.

Tonight we'll pick up in chapter 22 verse 30. This covers Paul standing before the council and causing a division between. Then we'll talk about the plot against Paul and his trip to see Felix. We'll read through the end of chapter 23.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations: Work on stations before class and for the first 5 or 10 minutes.

Acts cards -- Review all of the Acts cards introducing Acts 22 and 23

Today's lesson: Briefly tell the story and give them specific people and events to listen for in the reading. Read Acts 22:30 - 23:35.

Project Folders: Go over 1 Corinthians 13. Review The Whole Armor of God.


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