Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paul is Arrested -- Acts 22 and 23

Oops! I forgot to post a lesson plan Sunday. It was probably for the best. I wouldn't have followed it anyway. We had 14 students in class again. I was hoping to get further into Paul's arrest in Jerusalem, but I didn't. It was probably for the best. We stopped just short of chapter 23.

Our lesson Sunday started in Acts 21:15. We talked about the events leading up to Paul's arrest and what happened shortly after. We read from Acts 21:15 -22:29. When we got to Paul's defense (chapter 22 verse 3) I asked them if they had heard this story before. Most of them shook their heads yes. When we got verse 20 where Paul talks about his part in stoning Stephen, I asked them if they remembered what chapter Stephen is found in. Most of them said chapter 7. They're learning.

Tonight we'll pick up in chapter 22 verse 30. This covers Paul standing before the council and causing a division between. Then we'll talk about the plot against Paul and his trip to see Felix. We'll read through the end of chapter 23.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations: Work on stations before class and for the first 5 or 10 minutes.

Acts cards -- Review all of the Acts cards introducing Acts 22 and 23

Today's lesson: Briefly tell the story and give them specific people and events to listen for in the reading. Read Acts 22:30 - 23:35.

Project Folders: Go over 1 Corinthians 13. Review The Whole Armor of God.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Third Journey Ends -- Acts 21

Tonight, we end the third journey. It is a sad ending for Paul and his friends. He realizes that he is about to face some trying times ahead. We'll get in to his arrest next week though. Tonight, we will just talk about the last few days of his journey and his reception in Jerusalem.

I'll be honest, this part of Acts intimidates me. In times past, this is the part we have only gone over quickly. I'm a little anxious about how much time to spend on it. Since the only plan we're following for this class was drawn up by my husband and he's given me lots of freedom to do what seems best, I can go as quickly or slowly as I want. I do need to be finished with Acts by the end of December. Hopefully, I'll finish much sooner and be able to spend time in some of the letters and a couple of lessons on Revelation.

Tonight's lesson will not take an awful long time to finish. In fact, I had thought about covering more ground, but I don't want the kids to be overwhelmed. Instead, I want to start the class with a review of the whole Bible story. One of our stations is dedicated to this. I want the students to be able to tell the story themselves. We'll review it tonight and I'll try to encourage them to be working on it at home. I also want to review a little of what we talked about on Sunday. I want to talk about the elders again and some of the specific things that our elders do for them.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations: Work on stations before class and for the first 5 or 10 minutes.

Review of Bible Story: Using the timeline, review the major stories of the Bible. We will stress the promises to Abraham and the fulfillment of those promises to Moses, Joshua and finally the coming of Christ.

Acts cards -- Review all of the Acts cards introducing Acts 21

Today's lesson: Take time to review Paul's visit with the elders in Miletus. This is a good time to talk about the elders responsibilities and how that affects the students' lives. Finish up the third journey by telling the story and then reading it aloud as they follow along.

Project Folders: Go over 1 Corinthians 13. If there's time read the Roll Call of Faith together.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paul Meets With The Ephesian Elders -- Acts 20

This lesson plan is being posted after the fact. I had some scribbles written on a piece of paper for class this morning. Now, I'll get to say what really happened, not what I want to happen.

We had 13 students in class this morning. We also had 3 adults. One of our new Christians wanted to come observe class this morning. Plus, I had my regular helper. It was crowded, but everyone behaved and we had a good class.

Since Paul was going to meet with the elders in Miletus, we reviewed who the elders were and what their job was. We read the passage in 1 Timothy where Paul tells Timothy how to select elders. We also read 1 Pet 5:2 where Peter talks to elders about their responsibilities. Last quarter one of our stations was devoted to the organization and mission of the church. We talked about the elders then, so this was mostly a review.

I didn't feel like I had said everything I wanted to about the elders (no lesson plan), at the moment, couldn't figure out what I had left out. Next week, while we're reviewing the lesson from today, I'll talk to them about the elders on a more personal level. We talked about who our elders are, but I want them to know how much these elders care for them. I want them to feel like they can go talk to the elders about anything. We're a pretty small congregation, so they know the elders, so this isn't a real problem here. I want the students to know that the elders have a special interest in their souls and want them to go to Heaven.

We added the next 2 sections of The Roll Call of Faith: These all died in faith, not having received the promises.... and Abraham soujourned in a land of promise....

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations: Half of the class was already there when I got to class and I was 15 minutes early. They worked at their stations until time for class to start.

Acts cards -- We introduced Acts 20 card and reviewed all of the rest. Several of them are very good at knowing what happened in each chapter of Acts. That's something they can take and use the rest of their lives.

Today's lesson: After talking to the kids about elders, we talked about Paul meeting with the elders at Miletus. We talked about how close he was to them and how sad they all were when he left. We talked about his warnings of problems that were ahead for them. We then read the passage from Acts 20.

Project Folders: Read the Roll Call of Faith and discuss sections 7 and 8

If there's time review another memory passage from their project folder.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Paul Brings Eutychus to Life -- Acts 20:1-12

One of my students made my day Wednesday night. She said that her teacher at school was teaching them about different religions around the world. The teacher told the kids that we don't worship all of their gods, we follow the 10 commandments. The student told me that she knew the teacher was wrong because Jesus nailed the old law to the cross and we are under the new law. I was very proud of her for understanding the error.

Today's lesson continues the third journey. Paul goes through Macedonia and on to Corinth where he writes the book of Romans. I read Romans 12: 9-21 where Paul teaches the Romans how to treat each other. If we are doing good on time, I'll continue reading into chapter 13 where it talks about our responsibility to the government.

After Paul leaves Corinth, he eventually arrives at Troas where he meets with the brethren to break bread. This is an excellent passage to review what the Lord's Supper is about and when/how we're supposed to take it. We can also see the love the Christians had for the truth since they sat and listened to Paul preach all night. Of course, this is the reason Eutychus died and we'll get to talk about how Paul brought him back to life.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations: Spend about 10 minutes at the beginning of class.

Acts cards -- Review all of the Acts cards we've used up until now. Introduce Acts 20 card. We've just been running through these each week. I'll say, "What happened in chapter 1?" and they'll tell me and so on. I want to try getting them to think a little more about it by asking questions like, "If you had a friend that didn't believe in God, what chapter could you read with him to tell who God is."

Today's lesson: Review the 3rd journey up until Corinth (Acts doesn't actually say he went to Corinth, but it is assumed that's where he spent the winter, since that's what he said he wanted to do one of the letters to Corinth.

Discuss the book of Romans. Paul wrote it while in Corinth. He had never been to Rome, but was hoping to go eventually. Read Romans 12:9-21 and discuss briefly. If there's time read Romans 13:1-7 and discuss briefly.

Continue reading to Acts 20:7. Discuss the Lord's Supper briefly (especially about taking it on the first day of the week). We've talked about this in depth in previous quarters. This should all be review for them. Then discuss the story of Eutychus.

Introduce the folder activity: Interesting People We've Met In Acts. This activity will review some of the people we met briefly: Gamaliel, Ananias (chapter 9), Elymas, Simon the Sorcerer, Eutychus, Apollos. There are 3 cards that describe each person. They are to put the correct cards in the pocket with the person's name on it that it matches. After they're through they can take the cards out and turn them over. If they are in the correct pocket, they'll be able to put them together where they show the number of the chapter that person is from.

Project Folders: Read the Roll Call of Faith and discuss sections 5 and 6.

If there's time review another memory passage from their project folder.