Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Philippian Jailer -- Acts 16

One of the most important thing a teacher needs to learn is to be prepared. Wednesday night, I wasn't. I could give a list of excuses to try to explain why I went to class unprepared, but none of them matter. I should've taken the time to be more prepared. The class wasn't a total loss, I just didn't feel as confident with the material as I wanted. Every once in a while, this happens and I'm always disappointed in how the class turns out.

I am much better prepared for tomorrow's class. Not only with the lesson material (Philippian Jailer), but also with the actual classroom preparations. This is the beginning of the 4th quarter I've been teaching this class. There is always a lot of work to do at the beginning of the quarter. Tonight, I got it all done. Tomorrow each child will get a project folder, memory work booklet and bookmark with the Bible reading listed on it. In the next couple of weeks, I need to make a few more activities for a couple of the stations. One of the stations is brand new (God's Plan station) and has no activities in its box.

Wednesday night we started the 2nd journey and we learned about Lydia's conversion. Tomorrow we will continue with the events that happened while Paul and Silas were in Philippi. We will learn about the Paul and Silas being arrested, their escape, the jailer's conversion and the Paul and Silas' release from prison.

Three of the students that needed their own Bibles got theirs Wednesday night. Two of these students have never been a Bible class before. This is all new to them. I also bought Bibles for those kids who forget theirs or don't have the NKJV. There was a lot of time spent finding Acts 16. I'm hoping they'll at least learn where Acts is before the quarter is through.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations:
We have all new stations. They are:

  • Bible Lesson Review
  • Chapters of Acts (15-28)
  • The Whole Armor of God
  • 1 Corinthians 13
  • The Roll Call of Faith (condensed version of Hebrews 11)
  • Paul's 3rd and 4th journeys
  • God's Plan
  • Memory Work Review
Acts cards -- Review all of the cards and Introduce Acts 16. See my previous post to see what these cards look like.

Today's lesson: Tell the story of Paul and Silas' experience in a Philippian jail. Then read the story from the text. I think telling the story first will help those with their new Bibles understand the story better. When I was reading the Bible first, they were spending so much energy trying to follow along that I think they didn't hear much of what we read.

Project Folders: Look over the project folders with the students. Then read aloud together The Roll Call of Faith. Then try to say the first 2 sections by memory. Of course, they won't be able to do this today, but we'll give it our best shot. Ccopy the first 2 sections in their project folder. There are 16 sections in all. We'll need to work on this every Sunday AM.

Sing: Sing Faith Is The Victory.

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