Sunday, September 09, 2007

Peter Sees A Vision -- Acts 10

I got busy last week and didn't get my lesson on here for September 2. We studied the end of Acts 9 - Aeneas was healed and Dorcas was raised from the dead. It gave me another opportunity to point out the complete and immediate affect or miracles (as opposed to a healing today that is not immediate or complete).

Today we'll talk about the Peter vision saw while in Joppa. I plan to go back to the beginning and review up through the giving of the law. I want to stress how God set aside the Israelites as his people and stress the laws of eating clean and unclean animals. Without knowing these two parts of the Old Testament, understanding what happens in chapter 10 doesn't really mean anything.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations:
Spend some time in stations

Acts cards -- Introduce Acts 9

Today's lesson: Peter's Vision

Worship Station: Since we'll be talking about Jewish laws today, this will be a good time to go over the acts of worship at this station. If we don't have time to do it today, we'll do it Wednesday PM.

Project Folders -- Read the entire Unknown God passage. We'll introduce the next to the last verse on Wednesday PM.

Sing: If there's time let them choose a song to sing.

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