Saturday, July 14, 2007


Wednesday night we talked about the big picture. We started at creation and got to the crucifixion of Jesus. I wanted to get to His resurrection, but the bell rang. It was the first time I had the younger kids in this class. There were supposed to be 4 moving up. They did and brought 3 more as visitors. They weren't used to the style of teaching I was doing, but I guess they'll get used to it. When I told them to turn in their Bibles they just sat there. Not one of them had a Bible with them. I hope that will change tomorrow.

I will talk about the resurrection tomorrow. We'll also introduce the Bible reading, stations, project folder and other things in volved in the class. I also need to introduce the first chapter of Acts card.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations:
Encourage the kids to start at the stations when they come to class. Let them spend 5 or 10 minutes at them after class starts.

Acts cards -- We have the same kind of cards for Acts that we had for the NT. We will be learning something out of each chapter of Acts. We'll do Acts 1 -- the ascension.

Today's lesson: Review of Bible story (very briefly) through the resurrection

Pass out Project Folders -- Do the first verse of The Unknown God together (copy in project folder).

Recite (in unison): I would like to work systematically with the Unknown God (Acts 17). It is longer than most of the passages we memorize, but it is one of my favorites.

Sing: Is It I? Also I Will Sing (another song I wrote -- I hope to have it online soon)

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